I’m not usually a Natasha Bedingfield fan, but Kristina and I were coming home from dinner last week and “Unwritten” came on the radio as she and I were discussing our summers. Call me cheesy, but we turned it all the way up and sang as loud as we could. She’s living in New York City all summer, chasing auditions and laying in Central Park. I’m in Europe, discovering a different culture and figuring out public transportation. The rest is still unwritten, because we don’t know — we’re just diving in. Which is, according to multiple sources, the way to find your own bliss.

I’m hoping my bliss comes in the forms of inner peace and taking down my type-A a bit. We’ll see how that goes in 13 days. THIRTEEN DAYS? I’ve purchased all items I think I need, attempted to wrap my brain around taking ONLY the necessities, worried constantly about that damn volcano erupting, arranged for my sister to care for Frank the Betta Fish and watched “How to Speak Italian” videos on YouTube.

For now, I’m going to the lake to hang out with my friends, then I’m going into Dallas to see my boyfriend. I have time before I leave to actually not think or plan, so I’m going to take advantage of that time. 🙂




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