Time to go!

The next time I update this blog, I’ll be in a different time zone (currently: 650 am in Rome) and a different world. I don’t even know where to begin when explaining how I feel. Mostly just excited!

There’s plenty of things I hope happen while I’m in Europe (namely beautiful sights, delicious foods, getting to run into people like Audrey), but I’m going over there with a completely open and excited mindset. I’m SURE I will be frustrated and overwhelmed but I hope more than anything I am happy.

And that’s the plan!




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One response to “Time to go!

  1. Gina Baugh

    Let me just say how Mom is feeling…

    excited for you to experience this trip
    sad to see you go so far away
    jealous that I’m not going
    worried about all the “what ifs”
    curious about all you’ll see and do
    imagining how much you’ll love the sites
    proud of you for being you and hopeful
    you’ll come home safely.
    I love you bunches…….god speed,, safe travels have fun, be careful and keep us posted!!

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