On to the next one

Currently, as I’m writing this post, Claire is literally wrestling her bag to the ground. Somehow between DFW and our hotel room in Florence, things have grown exponentially inside our bags. In addition, carrying them makes us realize maybe we could’ve cut out more. Regardless, packing to leave for Venice in the morning is turning into a real treat.

We arrived in Florence on Tuesday evening, after going through Siena from Rome. Siena was GORGEOUS, and just the right temperature. It rained a little in the afternoon, but Alison and I were caught inside of a leather goods store so we didn’t mind. We toured a church and a museum in Siena, but our professor gave us around 3 hours of free time — a true rarity these days. We took full advantage of the town’s shopping area!

When we got to Florence, we checked into a NICE hotel and turned on the A/C as fast as possible. We had a group dinner that night at a true Tuscan-style restaurant and it was delicious. Yesterday, we saw Michelangelo’s David, but our day of lecture was cut short — another rarity, another full advantage of shopping. We also had time to visit a discoteca/karaoke joint and we had a blast!

This morning, however, didn’t turn out so well for me. Apparently all the walking has taken its toll on my right foot only, and I had to miss out most of today’s tours and lectures because of what I believe is a stress fracture. After a day of rest and ice, it’s feeling a little better, but Kirk bought ACE bandages and ice packs for me — Venice should be interesting with this painful situation.

There were wonderful shops here in Florence and I found treats for just about everybody who I had promised treats. I have some postcards to mail back home, but I’m going to wait for Arezzo to find a mailing place.

We leave for Venice at 7 am tomorrow and will only be there for 2 nights. Apparently it’s a smelly situation in that city, so that should be interesting. These cities are so extremely interesting and beautiful but I am truly ready to get to Arezzo and be “settled” in for a few weeks.

It’s hard to believe we’ve only been here for 1 week. I feel as if I’m so far removed from everybody….it’s very weird not to call Biz every morning to update her on my life/Ellen’s latest antics. It’s also weird  to see or hear something that makes me think of someone I’d like to text. It is nice to be removed from tiny everyday dramas that I don’t have to deal with…but at the same time, it’s terrible to be so far away from everyone I spend gazillions amounts of time with (I’m talking to you, Thomas). Speaking of Thomas, he’s been pretty wonderful with this situation. It’s nice to know that even though I’m far far away and hard to communicate with, someone is still thinking of me back home but also happy that I’m getting to be on this adventure. (So thanks for that, from all of you)

I probably won’t have Internet in Venice, but I will update soon! Ciao!




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