Life in Arezzo

We’re finally settled into a routine in Arezzo, and things are getting pretty comfortable, despite missing air conditioning and/or sufficient lighting. We go to class every morning at 10, then break for lunch between 12 and 12:30. We get lunch here at the Monastery, then either nap or … find more food, or read our assignments we should have read before class at 10. At 4:30 we meet at a point somewhere around the city and have “class” again talking about architecture or Fascism or something.

Today we went on a field trip to Caprese Michelangelo, the birthplace of Michelangelo in the hills about an hour outside of Arezzo. Breathtaking! We were literally in the mountains near the top. The house Michelangelo was born in has been turned into a museum, which was interesting but the scenery was much more interesting. We then went to a full Tuscan lunch at a cafe on the hillside…and slowly slipped into a food coma. We had: bruschetta with pate and brie, proscuitto and salami, then homemade lasagna with truffle sauce, then ravioli with pesto inside, then pork chops and sausage, then cappucino. I wish I was joking, or that I could say I only ate a bit of each course. I’d be lying, I ate every bit. I decided when I was preparing for this trip, I’d attempt to disregard calorie counting/exercise for a while, as normally I’m slightly strange about it all….and I’ve done good until lately when I feel as if I’m turning into a fat Italian ‘mamma donna’ ….. You’d think the walking daily would counteract, but you’d be wrong.

After lunch, we went to St. Francis’s retreat/sanctuary in the very top of that mountain. Talk about scenery. I’ve never seen something so strikingly beautiful and natural. It was cold, cloudy and misty and even though I’m a writer, words don’t do it justice. I’ll update soon with photos so that you can all try to get the feel of that place…what an intense feeling!

Updates soon! Ciao!



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  1. Gina Baugh

    Although your Dad would tell you that our view of PK was just as breath taking……..I am sure your view beat ours!
    I am glad you are eating and loving the adventure! I sure miss you at home…..
    have a blast.

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