End of Arezzo

I can’t believe today’s our last day in Arezzo! The majority of our group leaves tomorrow morning to fly back to the states, and I’m sad most of my friends won’t be around for my foray into Switzerland.

Last Monday, I went to Florence to spend the afternoon/evening with Audrey. We had such a great time! Florence was where my foot “broke” so I missed the full day of activities with Santa Croce and the Uffizi. Audrey and I walked around the area where she lives and made our way to Santa Croce….where we had to wear paper robes due to our improper dress. As it turns out, entering these churches and museums without a proper tour guide is, well, boring. We could appreciate the work and effort it took to make such an impressive church in 1210 A.D., but without someone who knew the stories of the place, we just…left. But we had a blast doing it!

We then walked around for more hours and ate a wonderful dinner at this restaurant near her apartment. We asked our waiter for the best dessert and had the surprise of our lives when it was SO DELICIOUS IT HURT! It was panna cotta with I think dark chocolate and my mouth is watering at this moment thinking of it. (Fatty). Then we picked up Ty & Will from the train station! What a treat the whole day was….I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be here, much less with my best friend nearby!

The rest of this past week in Arezzo has flown by as well. On Wednesday, we had a field trip to Cortona, a town about 20 minutes by train. This is where Under the Tuscan Sun was written/filmed and the sight of BEAUTIFUL hills/lakes/vineyards. We were lucky enough to go on a tour of the Barrachi winery, where Ben showed us how to properly plant vines, store in oak barrels and…drink! What sophistication I have now. He explained how to swirl the wine to find the “legs”, how to taste each flavor and make them smack and how to appreciate the differences in red and white. I would love to be a wine snob, but Thomas pointed out that wine snobs probably don’t consider febreeze/wrinkle release to be washing their clothes. Oops?

Yesterday, we didn’t have afternoon class, so Claire, Derek, Gary and I rented bikes from a shop nearby and pedaled outside of the city walls into the country side/vineyards. It was so stinking hot, but it was worth it at the end. Nearly the entire hour out to the vineyards was uphill and man, was it a struggle. But coming back was one of the better feelings I’ve had here. The feeling of flying downhill with a cool breeze while my view is Tuscan hills and various vineyards? Can’t think of another time when I just giggled to giggle. It was a good way to end my time in Tuscany. 🙂

Today we go to our last class, but we’re just having it a cafe  (how Italian). I’m sad to leave Arezzo and the fake-world I’ve been living in for 3 weeks, but I think Switzerland will be an adventure all its own. Even if the adventure is just the 12-hour train ride tomorrow morning/day/night! Last week in Europe, let’s go!




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  1. claire (stuck in USA)

    cannot believe your time is up…but i believe this now proves you and audrey able to travel the globe, therefore leaving us with nothing to do but plan a trip to greece/any other beautiful place our eyes need to feast!!!

    missyou/went to PK for the 4th and it was a bore. needed friends to play NM beerpong!?

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