the paper

Ok, so for those of you who have been keeping up, I was in Italy for 5 weeks. I went through OU and received 6 hours of western civ credits in Art History and some sort of political cultural humanity whatever. I worked hard for those while there! I wrote (handwriting. on notebook paper wrote) 3 papers! And did stuff for the other class too. Plus lived in a foreign land. So you think that’d be enough right?


I have a 8 ish page research paper due via email by tomorrow at 5 p.m. And let me tell you a story: I am BRILLIANT at procrastinating. Literally I am wonderful, wonderful, wonderful at it. It’s unusual for me to complete a paper or project more than 8 hours prior to the due date.

So far, I’ve pretended the paper didn’t exist. Until I got home from the lake tonight at 8:40. Then I pretended to research. Then I showered. Then I organized my medicine drawer. Then I unpacked. Then I did my hair. Then I ate leftover brisket. Then I got a water. Now I’m doing this. See? Brillance.

Anyway, so life after Italy. Well first, we had breakdowns in the O’Hare airport. We were an hour late coming out of Rome (surprise) and didn’t land in Chicago until 4:15. Our flight was at 5:33. They told us it was impossible. WRONG! We got express lane passes for passport area. Ran with our bags. Cried. Left our bags with a nice lady. Ran without our bags. Crammed on a train. Got to Terminal 2. Ran to security. Cut the security line. Ran to the gate. Claire yelled at the gate man. Made the plane. Seriously, must be some sort of miracle in that airport. It’s huge and not exactly user-friendly. But we did it!

I spent a few days in Lubbock with my family, ran some errands, got the first necessary pedicure. I still need probably 3 more before my feet are acceptable for public viewing. It was weird to be in Lubbock without Audrey but I survived…mainly by sleeping. And eating. Which is definitely not something I need to continue doing after the carb fest of the summer. Then moved onto Norman where I’ve basically spent 5 days with Thomas. No complaints here.

We went to the lake Sunday morning to spend the day/night with my parents. Rowdy LOVES the boat! Rowdy also loves eating bugs. And swimming. And apparently, my dad. The trip ruled, all in all.

I’m not sure why I chose to use incomplete phrases as sentences throughout this post. Strange.

I miss Kate and Kristina. Bye!




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3 responses to “the paper

  1. Desiree Taylor

    Biz’s daughter
    What a wonderful time you shared with me, thank you for taking the time to describe your fun and tribulations of traveling abroad as I have never had the opportunity. I have travel anxiety when it comes to leaving the country and would need a nice support group as you had accompany you.
    I would say your blog was great and I appreciate your mom sending it my way so I can have a bit of your vacation to experience.
    Lucky you are! Enjoy the rest of your school year as I believe college is coming to a close for you and the next journey will begin.
    have a great fall semester
    The wicked witch of the east (DM 7722)

  2. Oh hi. I like this a lot. Mainly because I can read it in your voice. I need to get to Norman and see your face. We have so many sushi dates it’s insane.

  3. ps: please keep blogging.

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