the office

I have a grown up job!

I am the public relations associate for a company called BraveMatters. You may go verify this at, if you don’t believe me (but I don’t know where the trust issues are from, really). I get paid! I write press releases! I organize information! I tweet! I share funny personal stories with Korey who laughs at me even though they’re not that funny! I drink Starbucks! I uncover news regarding marketing strategies! I incorporate SEO strategies! I talk to clients — I have clients! I learn from Peter who is a smart guy!

The enthusiasm is overused with all the !, but I mean them. I am having so much fun learning the industry here. I finished my PR capstone last semester and found this internship when I got home from Italy. It’s so much fun learning how to transition from college student (especially with the utilization of Twitter and even just blogging) into entry-level PR person.

If anybody has interesting news regarding marketing/PR/advertising, cool blogs that are relevant to me, or just a comment on how awesome I am for having a grown up job (woo!), please share. I want to get into networking as much as possible. Who knew growing up could be so fun?

For more info on my cool company, go to that website or find us on twitter: @bravematters. You can also find me on Twitter, @chelsiebaugh.


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