the TIPTCA list

So Kate and I have a running joke. It’s called TIPTCA, short for “Things I Pretend to Care About.” Pronounced Tip-ta-kuh. If you hear us make a comment and TIPTCA is in there, watch out, we’re probably making fun of you or someone/thing around you.

See, the thing is, we’re not trying to be mean. But truly, throughout the day, there are things that you do or people you see that you have to pretend to care about. This list started in a JMC class we took as an elective, in which we had to show up twice a week and pretend to care (when really we just cared if he wore the same yellow sweater weekly…..he did). We had to pretend to care about the new software with Google analytics (which actually is really awesome in practice, boring in lecture notes). We have had to pretend to care about numerous things.

Kate, I’m appalled because I know somewhere in this room is the list (or the beginning of a list) of our TIPTCA. We had planned on starting a twitter feed or a blog specifically only about TIPTCA, but never got around to it…the inspiration for this post stems from the fact that I’m supposed to be writing a 2-page response paper to Frederick Douglass’s Narrative. Um, TIPTCA.

I considered sharing a short list with you all, but I don’t want to show my cards all at once. Besides, that Twitter may come out soon and we can’t give away trade secrets here.

On a serious note, if you’re having a Monday that seems like it could get a whole lot better, consider the things throughout your day that sucked the life out of you — the things that you HATED doing, the things that took up a huge chunk of a beautiful afternoon. Consider this: you pretended to care about them to get them accomplished —  and now you can sit down and watch Law & Order: SVU on repeat and you don’t even have to pretend anymore — you really do care about it.

Joke’s on you, life.




ps: for more sarcastic wit (she’s funnier than me), visit Kate’s blog. You’ll laugh out loud, guarantee it.


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  1. Learning HTML code to make your own website….. TIPTCA. Also, I think it’s hilarious that I am listed as My Friend Kate’s Blog in your blogroll.

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