the thankful heart

Living in the spirit of thanksgiving is not an easy task.

Some people make it seem as if it is, some people perhaps even do carry a grateful heart everyday.

The truth is, for me, I tend to dwell in the in-between of good and bad. I would not say I’m a negative person, but I’m also not super positive. I expect less so that I’m surprised more. I don’t often say encouraging words to the people in my life, especially my family.

I am trying harder to count my blessings throughout the day, not just during bedtime prayers. I am trying harder to translate thoughts into action, by showing love and gratitude rather than just thinking it.

My challenge to myself this Thankgiving is to keep pursing Jesus’s heart, to live as He lived and love as He loved. It is an easy thing to say in blog posts, journal entries or my prayers. It is not an easy thing to live out daily. Or even moment-by-moment.

So today, I am making a conscious effort to notice the small things, to smile at my family and to appreciate the good things around me. Today I am going to act in a way that I would hope translate my gratitude to my God who blessed me with an intelligent mind, a yearning heart, a healthy family, a large meal and a new hope for every tomorrow.




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