the coming of winter

During the month of December there is often a lot of “to-do” lists.

For example, right now I need to be writing a paper. Or finishing an article I’m working on. Or even, perhaps, doing a load of laundry.

Earlier I went to the mall with the purpose of finding some presents for my family, but instead I just sort of wandered and watched. And I realized, there’s a lot of doing in December but there is also an awful lot of waiting in December.

I’m waiting on the first snow. I’m waiting for crunch time to come with school so that I have the motivation to finish out my projects and papers. I’m waiting for love, I’m waiting for frost, I’m waiting for Jesus.

I believe that at any given time, we are all waiting. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for the right words to be said, waiting for that day, that moment. And while some things are worth the wait, most things are better without a wait. Like delicious meals at a restaurant, or car washes for example.

In this month of doing and waiting, I just want to remember that the ultimate wait is still ahead. And God, he waits on me a lot. He has patience with all of us, with our mistakes,  and our missteps. I would like to remember, in this second week of December, that patience is joyful.

And that no matter the wait, love conquers all.

Here’s to waiting on that first snow.




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  1. Kurtis

    Love. I wait on the first snow too much I think (after all, I do still live in Lubbock). And God waits on me more than He should (in my opinion). But then again, how long did He have to wait for the disciples to “get it.” 3 years He dealt with their ignorance, stupidity, and bad habits to screw up in the same manner over and over again. He always corrected, rebuked when necessary, showed them The Way, and then walked it with them in love. It’s really good to hear some of these things from you Chelsie. Hopefully I will get the pleasure of seeing you and hearing you soon.

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