the pitch

My name is Chelsie Baugh, I am 21 years old and have 5 months of college left at the University of Oklahoma.

I majored in Public Relations with a minor in English Literature. I have interned with Victoria’s Secret PINK for 2 years as an on-campus brand ambassador – those two years taught me a TON about target markets, peer-to-peer marketing and Victoria’s Secret inside tips. I successfully coordinated two different promotions with the two other on-campus interns. One was a clothing drive, spanning 3 months, in which we collected over 11,000 used items of clothing for the Women’s Resource Center of Norman. The other was a one month school supply drive for CASP, collecting over 200 new items for kids in need. Cool, right?

Currently, I am a public relations associate with a company here in Norman called BraveMatters. I coordinate with the rest of the team on marketing drives for over 15 accounts across the US, not including the PR for ourselves! In addition to coordinating on social media and Internet marketing, I write and pitch press releases to local and national publications. Recently, I have begun writing articles on tips for beginner PR associates and submitting them to websites and publications as well.

I was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas where I learned to read at the age of 3. This love of books led to a love of writing (as well as unrealistic expectations regarding relationships — where are you, Prince Charming? In a book, that’s where). This love of writing led to a degree in public relations where I could use my love of writing to connect with my love of people. And here I am.

I am skilled in writing copy, adjusting for SEO and creating mobile and social media projects that generate money for clients. I have experience in event planning and execution. BUT most importantly: I am passionate about public relations and am willing to experience any sort of job regarding the world of PR.

I graduate in May and am willing to relocate to wherever a cool job is located! You can find me on Twitter (@chelsiebaugh), LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as regular postings on this blog. My e-mail address is

Here’s to #HAPPO.




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