the big dreams

So, it’s here. It’s 7:59 am and I am drinking coffee and need to leave in 30 minutes for my last first day of college.

I was thinking last night about anticipation and then reality. For example, I have big dreams about this year — I have a list of goals month-by-month for all of 2011 (based loosely on the Happiness Project — check it out if you haven’t yet). I have things that I want to accomplish weekly, I am trying to begin a book club with my friends, I want to be more present in my life.

I just hope that by February 18th I still feel this fire and this determination. I know from previous experience that typically, I burn out and just go back to routinely showing up for work and class but not really engaging in conversation or the topic or my assignments. I do not want to do that.

How do you keep from burning out when you feel a fire for a better life?


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  1. I find it interesting that our “Default way of life” isn’t what any of us really desire. To me, I find it as another one of Satan’s tricks to get us to simply exist and not really live.

    And while I would love to list out ways I keep from burning out, I don’t really have any. Simple truth is I most often burn out but the key, I think, is to start again. For dieters – they splurge and think they can’t get back on track till the next monday, but really they should start the next meal. Same with fitness, book clubs, daily devotional, and setting goals it all comes back to starting again and Now, not next week.

    I also have found that posting my goals, for the world to see, and me to view every day is huge. So maybe i’ll stop putting off making my goal poster and go make it now.

    Lastly, envisioning my self along the way, achieving little daily goals, keeps me motivated.

    Movin forward for his kingdom,

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