the aftermath

So, things are starting to fall back into place.

School is on a normal schedule, work is back to a normal pace, I have a rental car, I went back to my monthly goals & focuses.

I feel sort of out of words, an unusual feat for me, but I think maybe perhaps because for this first time since probably mid-July I actually feel like the real, raw, fun, normal version of me.

Sounds weird, right? I said it Sunday night to a person who I love, who I’ve hurt, who I lost before that I actually believe it took me getting hit by a car to get back to me. Everything happens for a reason.

So now, I wait. I sit in the peace and gratitiude I’ve found, I remind myself of the lucky — the good, and I try my best. I decided the first rule I always live by is show up. And these days, just showing up is enough for me.

Valentine’s Day was uneventful, but I spent time nurturing my friendships and showering all my people with love. That’s something I am grateful for, and I hope that each of you had at least one moment yesterday where you stopped and thought, “yeah, I am loved. and lucky” and if you didn’t,

you are loved.




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