the funny bone

Today, I remembered that I am funny.

I know some of you are probably reading this and thinking “Chels, you think you’re funny” but hey – what’s the difference? If I’m the only one laughing (yes, Kate, cookie monster laugh), so what? At least there’s laughter.

Seriously though, today I remembered that I am funny. It’s a weird thing to say, but bear with me.
How often do we spend thinking about
get the mail,
online discussion board,
feed the dog,
don’t forget to pay rent,
take out the trash,
do laundry,
meet for lunch,
check your bank account,
text her back,
answer the phone…..

that we forget to think, “hey I’m funny”? or “how pretty is that sunset?” or “man, I really enjoy watching Top Chef” or “I’d rather never eat a lean cuisine every again in my life”?

I’m rambling but I have a point. In the midst of change (seasons, relationships, big or small), take time to check yourself. Sometimes I forget that I’m the only person who really really has to live with me forever, and I really need to like myself and more importantly to know what I like. And I like to laugh, and I like to make sarcastic comments, and I like coffee with cream only and I like to get a lot of sleep.

So, here, for those of you that like to laugh — my favorite youtube video to this day:

Sorry I’m a child.





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4 responses to “the funny bone

  1. Gina

    Tonight in bible study we discussed liking Everyone and remembering God made everyone – a hard concept to live out day to day!!
    so, agreed no one can like us if we don’t like ourselves !!
    As my famous friend Maria says …. Goodmorning gorgeous … It’ s going to be a great day!!!
    keep on writing you have a gift!!

  2. This is true. If we don’t like ourselves, how can other people? The big joke at my house is how I think I’m the funniest person in the world and a “big deal.” At the end of the day, I still think I’m funny, and though they don’t want to admit it, the family does too.

    Also, I think you’re funny Chels. And I’m loving this video. My favorite is the little girl who loves her life. If you haven’t seen her, you should. She is the only reason I intend to have children. To have one JUST like her. She’s funny too.

  3. I laughed incredibly hard at this post. Reasons I laughed:

    1. You have a cookie monster laugh.
    2. How ‘feed the dog’ is never on my list.
    3. That Lean Cuisine comment.
    4. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
    5. That’s a sweet earth you might say.

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