The new design

Hello all!

My friend Kate created a pretty new design for my blog. Thank you Kate!! Just giving credit where credit is due…
AND she is a local celebrity now! Check out the article about her Celebrationist blog in the OU Daily.

new post coming soon about February’s successes and March’s predictions!




Some thoughts on a Thursday —

Today, no matter where you are and no matter what your world looks like, remember that there are no accidents and there are no mistakes. What would you do if you realized that you never lost anything — not a friend, not time, not an opportunity — but that you actually are exactly where you are supposed to be for a reason? GUESS WHAT! You are exactly who you are, who you want to be and who you can be RIGHT NOW.

Nothing’s ever lost. Ever.

Now go have some fun today.


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One response to “The new design

  1. that color really changed from the original. imma start working on one that i like better.

    you are cool. thanks for the shout out.

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