the third month

Onto month 3 of my happiness project! Month 2 was focused on relationships — and sort of overshadowed by a car wreck. But I think month 2 goals  went well! There are no specific measurables like there were in Month 1, where I focused on energy & exercise. I tried to follow the 80/20 rule as much as possible and had to consistently remind myself to ask more questions rather than give more answers. I should survey my friends and family to see if they noticed any marked change, but I can honestly say I did remind myself “listen” repeatedly when talking with friends and family and do think I tried harder to be invested outward rather than inward.

I spoke with Audrey today on that subject actually, and we discussed how I hadn’t really had a lot to complain about in the past month. By the way, today is exactly one month since the wreck — so it’s both amazing and graceful that I can say I have not complained a whole lot in the past month. Whether that’s because I made a mental challenge with myself to not do so or because things have been swinging more towards good for me, I can’t say.

Another success in February: I made new friends! Lindsey would be the first person I would say is my ‘new’ friend, although the friendship has been loosely there for awhile. She and I are basically the same human, and we call each other so much that we could possibly be dating. I’m very very grateful for her in my life! Also, while I was in Vegas for my Dad’s 50th birthday (I taught him how to Dougie, but that’s a completely different story….) Audrey and I made new friends with two Australians who were in America for an extended period of time just to travel cause they could. They ruled, we drank $2 margaritas with them and quizzed them on life in Australia. They were renting a van and driving from Vegas to probably New Orleans, we told them they HAD to stop in Texas. I wonder if they did? Dan and Clay, if you’re reading this — comment.

Finally, I did my best to “shower the people” I love with love. I wrote 12 notes on Valentine’s Day and give them to my people just to remind them they were loved. The funny thing is, doing things like that always makes me feel loved as well. Karma, I guess.

BUT NOW, 6 days into Month 3 I am proud to annouce that March is the month for positive movement.

During this Month, I am applying to a least one job per day. I am also creating a budget and attempting to be mindful of my money. As it turns out, I probably should have done this years ago (Sorry, Mom). Third goal is to work smarter, with attention to the task at hand. I work well under deadlines and a busy plate, but I have realized that when I multi-task too much, I don’t have as much quality in my work. FINALLY, I am going to remind myself to wait to worry. Which is good advice for all of you reading who graduate in 2 months — only worry about REAL stuff, not the stuff that might happen.

No matter how much you’re planning for the future, don’t forget to live in the moment.

This month is cut in half by Spring Break, which is a grateful relief right now. I am going to a beach house with 16 of my friends and I am thrilled for good laughs and down time on a beach. If I have any advice to give out in the next few weeks, it’s to make sure you look around and notice the colors; the world is coming back to life! I noticed green patches in the grass early last week and have since seen bigger and brighter patches. Soon, the leaves are back! I’m trying to practice the art of noticing. Nature is cool.


So there’s month 3. I hope you enjoy reading my rambles — and please, feel free to leave a comment with ANYthing! I hate seeing visitors and no comments. It’s sad. And lonely.





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5 responses to “the third month

  1. I like positivity month. Please remind me to not freak out on a regular basis about nonsense. I like you. That is all.

  2. PS: I really need to make you a new new banner.

  3. Audrey

    Yay for new australian freinds! Did we ever add them on facebook? Scroll through our texties and find their names ASAP! Also, so proud of you 🙂 You know what you need and you are taking the right steps to get there.

    Lots of love!

  4. Audrey

    ew, I didn’t realize my cute semi-colon/parenthesis smiley would turn into that creepy one…

  5. claire

    you’re the most amazing blogger cbaugh. I love reading your posts. I never comment but I read almost every one of them ! Love you and your positivity—keep smiling!

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