The wreckage, part 2

today, I picked up the girls I nanny from their junior high in Norman. They got in the car, we buckled up, we drove out the same way I have since October.
As we headed down Brooks, a woman didn’t look, didn’t see us and pulled out of a parking lot into my drivers side door. I could not have done a single thing to prevent it, but of course I can’t help but think I should have or could have. I hit another car as a result, but thankfully all people in each car were fine.
Also thankful that, having done this less than a month ago, I calmly collected insurance information, spoke with people, talked to the policeman, cleared out my car, called my parents and my kids parents and found a friend to come get me.
Unfortunately, my brand new car won’t turn on. The front wheels are out of alignment, my drivers side door won’t open. Unfortunately, my parents are frazzled, far away and scared again. Unfortunately, I have to deal with police reports, claim numbers, insurance claims and not having a car. Unfortunately, I feel helpless and anxious and confused again.

If you’re reading this, please leave your perspective. I seem to have trouble finding mine.


We were promised sufferings. They were part of the program. We were even told, ‘Blessed are they that mourn’-CSLewis



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6 responses to “The wreckage, part 2

  1. Beth


    I totaled my Yukon XL several years ago. It was horrifying. I kept replaying it my head over and over and over. Every time I drove by the site of the wreck, my stomach would clench like a knot. The wreck was my fault which made it seem even worse. And, I had my own children plus both of my sisters’ kids in the car. Everyone was fine (in all 3 cars involved) thank goodness. But I spent days thinking….is this feeling ever going to go away? Ever? Finally, to break my thought cycle, every time I thought of the wreck, I made myself say (outloud) 5 things which were going good that day. It didn’t matter how small they were….just 5 simple things. It helped. And time helped. I remember realizing that I had driven past the wreck site without reliving it. Kate told me that you were hit, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you are okay for a second time! I don’t know what Kate would do without you! 🙂

    Beth Beard

  2. Heather

    Hey there Chelsie, your mom told me about the accident. I’m so sorry for all of you. Although I can’t completely empathize w/ you because I’ve never been in your or your parents’ shoes in this type Of situation, other things I have experienced have taught me that sometimes we just won’t understand why crappy things happen, we just have to cling to the fact that God will help us through them through our friends and families, strength He gives us, or even random strangers. It sounds like He equipped you to handle today gracefully for not only your parents who are far away and concerned for your safety, but also the girls riding in your car and the woman who was distracted enough to pull out in front of you. Hope you find some peace of mind about all this, so you can enjoy the last of your last spring semester!!!

  3. Girl, I’m soo sorry. Don’t let satan steal your joy.

  4. Kurtis

    I hadn’t gotten in a wreck in my entire driving life until February 2011…then I got in two. Rear-ended in both, the only things I could’ve done to prevent them were let my girlfriend get smashed to pieces or lose the front half of her car and probably my life. In retrospect, they’re not that big of a deal. Everyone ends up fine (hopefully) and the cars get fixed or replaced. But the memories are still there, the fear reminds us it happened, and experience leaves trails of anxiety every time we drive. So really, they suck.

    However, can I be “overly optimistic” for a second? You took charge. You remained calm. You handled the situation and you didn’t make it worse by letting emotions control you. You grew.

    That’s a praise from all of this. Jesus reminds us that He’s here and that He really is working in us. The fact I didn’t chew out the lady that accidentally bumped me in my girlfriend’s car because she didn’t pay attention; and I didn’t hit the guy with my fist that hit me with his truck going 40 while stopped at a red light, who also could have seriously injured or hurt my girlfriend parked in front of me…these are time I realize Jesus does really become us when we let Him. When we seek Him as often as possible…He infiltrates our life, our minds, and our attitudes. For that I love Him. Because God knows I woulda killed the guy for drinking with 4 drinks in his gut.

    Glad you and your kids are ok CB. Miss your face sometimes.

  5. Norma

    Chelsie, the vehicles can be replaced. So glad you are okay for the 2nd time. You take care!


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