the thing about luck

“You pay for your luck with your licks.”

This is a quote from the play J.B., based on the book of Job. I realize lately I’ve been referencing Job a lot but this is because we were reading both Job and J.B. in one of my classes and like I said earlier, I sympathize with Job..and I admire him. No boils here, but I do see the message in praying through the struggle and praising in the sorrow. In the play, J.B., one of the narrator characters says that quote up there about paying for your luck with your licks, suggesting that Job was lucky and now has to pay for it. It seems almost counterintuitive to me because I think luck and licks aren’t necessarily related.

What is it about luck that keeps us so wrapped up?

I believe that luck is something we can rely on, just like hope. Hope and luck are intangible, elusive and sometimes nonexistent. They follow us, tease us, hang over our shoulder when we think they’re not there. You see a fleeting glimpse of hope sometimes, the words you’ve been waiting for or the dollar bill sitting on the sidewalk. You run into hope on a street corner in the morning when an old friend drives by and waves to you or you get to watch 6-year-olds at soccer practice and remember that it’s not all lost, ever.

I know lately the majority of my posts have been wrapped in negatives and swirling in emotions that aren’t something people talk about. It’s easier sometimes to drown in the sorrow and allow yourself to lay on the ground. And, being who I am, I know that writing and sharing my feelings is the only way to empty the bucket, so to speak. I thank you for reading, even if I do not know you or you don’t comment. I know that, since these aren’t things that people like to bring up, there are probably some of you who identify with feeling lost or sad or hopeless and I hope that my words have somehow eased your burden.

I woke up this morning just like any other morning and as I walked to class I decided that today was the day I created hope and luck again.

Because that’s the trick to those two.

Hope is always around and your luck can always be there, you just have to decide to see them. It’s like you lost your keys and the more you look for them, the more you can’t find them. The more you just live in the moment and FIND the hope and luck and good, the more you’ll naturally see them. I’ve emptied my bucket of sadness, I’ve dumped the issues out.

The only thing left to do is fill my soul up with better days.



It takes courage to live—courage and strength and hope and humor. And courage and strength and hope and humor have to be bought and paid for with pain and work and prayers and tears.



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2 responses to “the thing about luck

  1. I like you. I like you quite a lot. Let’s never move to different cities. Ever.

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