the little breaks

I’ve been wanting to write a post for about a week and felt like I had nothing to say. When I was catching up on my favorite blogs, I remembered Lisa-Jo‘s 5-minute Friday writing prompt. So I decided, let’s do this on a Monday.

5 minutes, go:

More often than not, my days (especially early in the week) are nonstop. From 8 am to 8 pm, I am rarely at my house – I have class, work, babysitting, gym, homework, friends, to-do lists, etc. Lately, it feels like it’s silly to be this active because as compared to semesters past, I have hardly any school work. And let’s face it: in 3 weeks, I will never have school work again.

Isn’t that funny to think about? In my head, I see this whirlwind of activity for the next few weeks. I see myself spinning up a storm, running across a path, crossing things off to-do lists but when I get to May 14th, I see myself standing at the edge of a cliff. I don’t see any other direction after that.

I don’t see a particular town, or a particular friend. I don’t see a familiar face or routine. I see blue sky. Is that good?

I have been focusing on finding moments of grace lately, little breaths in the middle of the day. Wake up, make coffee, get dressed, leave, post office, tennis, groceries, shower, lunch ——– pause, look, it’s pretty out. you get 5 minutes to write. then.. —– class, gym, shower (again), homework, time with a boy, time to journal, time to sleep. Start over. Typing it out is exhausting even, but that pause, that’s worth noting.

When I get those moments, I close my eyes. I imagine God’s hand on my head, resting like a parent would. I imagine him saying, “Breathe, Chelsie. I’ve got you.” Then I open my eyes and keep moving.

I think in our world today, that’s the closeness that God longs for. I imagine that, although I don’t do everything right, I am doing this right. I am finding a way to breathe in the stillness of life where I can find it.

As for playtime month, it’s working out well. I have been the zoo, I have planted flowers, I have played with puppies, I went to a baseball game, I played catchphrase with friends at a party last weekend. This weekend, I am going home for Easter and plan on making my sister do the silly play time with me. (She will, after all, have something to celebrate. Little is trying out for pom this week and she will make it – she’s a beautiful dancer.) Bubbles, chalk, patios, etc. are all in the plans for this weekend.


Hey, that feels better.

Have a wonderful week.



But He gives more grace. James 4:6


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  1. DM

    what you’re describing for me is called “margin”. When I’m feeling life is coming at me too fast, and I don’t have time between things, life becomes one big blur…which is what it currently feels like. Living well is definitely an art. Can’t imagine living life without God’s involvement and presence in my life yet at the same time, the pressures of life do seem to want to claim my time like weeds in a garden.

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