the fifth month

Good morning! Happy May!

Fortunately, I followed through on my promise to play in April. I managed to do a playtime activity 10 different days in April! I planted flowers, I went to the zoo, I colored with chalk, I played a prank, I went to a baseball game, I had several happy hours, I went to my last formal and my last Island! Here’s some proof:



All in all, playtime month was a success. Not only did I make time for really cool activities, I felt more relaxed than ever. And, on the almost last day of playtime month, I GOT A JOB! So now, going into my last week of college ever, I can officially be HERE AND NOW and full of joy.

So let’s talk May!

The theme for May is PREPARE, which is appropriate.

Goals include:

1. pack wisely! I am moving to Dallas in less than two weeks and somehow need to get everything I own in boxes.
2. keep the day important. Even though I am graduating and moving, I want to stay present while I’m still in Norman
3. Do a good job! At everything — I start my job the last day of May, I’m moving to a new place and need to decorate, I’m taking one final that I need to do well on.

The first week of May sort of passed without me truly engaging on my goals. My room is a mess, for example. Also I need to start getting my stuff together. But I will!

Keep you posted.




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