the seventh month

Well, I’m a little late but life’s been a little busy.
June went well! I believe I made a good effort at opening my eyes and mind often. I met all deadlines at work and even received praise on some work that it “didn’t even need edits” — so that definitely qualifies as paying attention. I drafted a budget, I kept my house clean, I made new friends, I made serious decisions, I tried new churches and the whole time, I did my best to ask God what the best route for us to take was. That was crucial for me, especially the last week of June.

But here we are 10 days into July! July is my attempt to “buy some happy.” I know that money can’t buy happiness and all that, but knowing your money is in order and available — that at least gives you some peace of mind. So for July:

1. make a budget, don’t break it
2. spend cash. studies show that using cash, especially at a grocery store or mall, encourages you to spend less
3. save $200 a month for as long as possible. it seems counter productive on a tight budget to put money away, but studies (and my mom!) swear that a savings account is the primary necessity in this world
4. spend some money on something that is either long-lasting or completely worth it. for example, plans are in the works to visit Austin next weekend, which I think qualifies as completely worth it.

I’m at a lull in this project and I’m not sure the root cause. I am busy, I am going through serious changes in my life and routine, but I want to stick with this. My final goal this month is to re-ignite the passion and fire I had about this project when I began it.

And to write more. After all, how am I going to write a book if I don’t make time to write?

Happy July!



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  1. Inspiration! By the way, try First Baptist Irving. And If you do, let me know when you do as there are a few people there I’d love for you to meet.

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