the eighth month

August is here?

August is hot.

Which makes this month’s goals all the more enticing: lighten up!

Lighten up to me also means “chill” which makes me think of icy cold drinks and lazy afternoons. Both of which go hand in hand with 108 (!!!) degree temperatures.

Really though, it goes for my emotions as well.

Lighten up month is going to include:

1. sing in the morning. sounds silly, right? but studies show it helps your day if it begins with music. and  plus, I usually watch the Today show but barely listen to it anyway. Might as well put some Eric Bibb on and groove while I get ready.

2. smile. a lot. for no reason, at no one in particular. smile purposely. “frowning takes more muscles” and all that, sure, but honestly: it’s hot, i’m at work. there’s a lot people can complain about but how are you going to frown at someone who is smiling at you? exactly.

3. craft. not only because my house could use some additional decorating and my sister & i have craft plans for next weekend, but also because it takes time and attention and you create something. and knowing you took time to create something makes you happy!

4. keep routines, but make them fun. Since I moved to Dallas I’ve fallen behind on my gratitude journal, I loathe putting clothes up out of the dryer, I sometimes procrastinate taking the trash to the chute…..which smells. And I’m not doing so good at a steady work out routine. I want to find a way to find happiness in routine this month.

And I think on a not goal-related note I’m just going to try to laugh more. Watch silly things like this, tell funny jokes…, what did the fish say when he ran into a wall? ………dam. 🙂

How do you lighten up? What makes a tough day better for you? What makes a good day great? Let me know.


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