the ninth month

Well, that was fast.

August went by quickly and possibly because I was trying to be light-hearted. Some things occurred to me: when I’m trying to be light-hearted, apparently I spend more money. Being lighthearted often means neglecting chores. AND life’s a lot of fun when you laugh.

Such is life.

I laughed a lot more, I spent time with friends, I was fairly blase about doing things like cleaning my house — but I had an afternoon at a pool, or an evening with a boy listening to live jazz and eating delicious food. Lightened up.

September’s goals are to focus on good. I feel like “find the good” has been the overriding theme of the past 9 months as well, but this one is supremely focused.

I am going to write down one beautiful thing per day. I am going to stay in touch — a lot of friends are scattered, NYC, Kansas City, Chicago — and I think staying in touch with them is good. I am going to forget about results and just do things because they’re good for me (exercise, is one of those “forget about results” categories). I’m going to spend as much time as possible outdoors/in nature.

It’s BEAUTIFUL outside. I’m sitting on my tiny porch and my windows are all open and I’m about to clean my house. I can’t believe it’s only 79 degrees.

Thank you thank you thank you Jesus for Fall weather.




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  1. I thought of you this morning… when the sun was rising, the air crisp and as I was on my way to get a free breakfast at chick fl a.. WIsh we could have talked over coffee..

    “Taste and See that the Lord is good” Ps 34:8 O that we would see Him.

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