the eleventh month

Holy moly, it’s November 6th.

Here’s where I am going to be honest: October was a great, great month. I had a wonderful time with Matt and Audrey and Taylor, I went home to see my sister, I spent time outside doing boot camp.

But I did not necessarily focus on Grace. I did keep up with my gratitude journal. And I did pray every night.

Annddd I bought a puppy.

His name is Jackson, he is 3 months old, very smart and fluffy.

Okay, onto November. Can you believe it’s November?

Goals for November are focused on Eternity. Thinking of eternity, meditating on my own life, writing letters of thanks and gratitude to the people in my life who need them (because we DONT get eternity to tell people how much we love/appreciate them) and reading books on the heavens/life here.

I will do better this month on completing goals. I can’t wait to share letters with my people!




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