the meaning of amazing

Sometimes, it’s hard to hear or read about how great you are. Often, people will say things like “you were made by God and that’s so great!” or “you are a great person just as you are” or even, “you’re already amazing – don’t worry about getting better.”

Sometimes, you fight those words.

I fought them.

I recieved a copy of Holley Gerth’s new book You’re Already Amazing about two weeks ago. I read it through in a few days, skipping the workbook parts and just taking in her voice and words. Sometimes, I doubted her words because you don’t know me, Holley, how do you know I am amazing? Sometimes I say the wrong thing, or act out of selfishness, Holley. God doesn’t want that. He didn’t make me for that.

The second time I read it, I had a pink felt-tip pen in hand and I answered the questions and the challenges. Sometimes, I cried at her words because okay, Holley, maybe you do know me. Maybe you know me because we, Christian women who live regular lives, we all face the same demons. God maybe does want that. Maybe he did make me for that.

I think I am funny. I think I’m pretty good at training my dog (wrong) and singing (wrong). I know I have brown hair, I’m average height and I can hold my own in a battle of wits. Did I mention I think I’m funny….? What I have a harder time admitting is that I am amazing. Or awesome. Or fearfully, wonderfully made. Or, baseline, that I’m okay just as I am.

After closing the book the second time, with my pink pen still in hand, I flipped back through to take stock of my answers to some questions:

Who can you celebrate with? How will you make deposits in your emotional account? Am I encamped? Am I being led or driven?

By utilizing her questions, I discovered so many new things throughout the book. I’m a big fan of advice – knowing answers, finding answers, giving answers. I love to learn new things, especially new ways of thinking about things. A few themes that stood out to me from Holley:

  • If you’re driven, you can’t be led.
  • Emotions make great messengers, but bad bosses.
  • You really were made to live for more than this.

What does Holley mean? That if you’re being driven (by fear, insecurity, excitement or jealousy for example) you can’t be led by God. That while you can feel offended at someone’s words or sins, you can’t take offense. This life was made for you by a God who is also willing to hold you. You will sometimes feel antsy, meant for more than this, eager to change your life to make it better or right or shinier — but you will not be satisfied this side of Heaven, not completely.

Does that mean you can do whatever you want? Who cares, you won’t be happy this side of Heaven anyway? No. It just means you can focus more on yourself, on living in Grace and resigning to doing as much as you can with what you have.

Just focus on what you have now, not what you have not.




Disclosure: I was provided with a free copy of You’re Already Amazing by Revell (a division of Baker Publishing Group) in exchange for my honest review. Buy your copy here!  Visit where I’m linked up here for more opinions and kind words on Holley and her book. 



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  1. As always I LOVE your writing ….. You are gifted my child!!!

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