the favorite month

October is coming soon, sneaking around the corner and presenting itself next week. You’d never know it if you were in Dallas with me – sitting pretty (sweaty) at a breezy 98 degrees on this last week of September. I beg for Fall, look longingly at my boots and scarf and think “someday…” Speaking of longing….

This year, in an effort to dedicate more time to my blogging and writing, I’ll be linking up with The Nester on the “31 Days of…” series. The topic? Patience.

Join me, actually, in laughing at myself on this one. But hey – we all need a challenge and apparently, I’m up for another one. Jesus and I have this tug-of-war where I ask for something and it presents itself as a challenge. Matter of fact, I think that’s the whole gimmick with this living life thing. So I’m going to spend 31 days writing about patience – encompassing all sorts of ways in which we’re challenged to slow down in this life. I want to uncover the beauty in the waiting, the frustration in not getting what you want. We’ll find out just how far we can go before we become Verruca Salt and  I want it now. 

So, come read what I have to say in October. I’m sure, by asking for this, I’ll have quite a few stories to tell. Also, notice the very blank button below. I’m currently working on my blog skills to create a beautiful custom one. For now, you get blank guy. (See? Patience….)





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