day four: dog days

Jackson is a patient dog…

…said no one who knows him. Ha! Honestly, his physical attributes are less than patient. He wiggles and squirms, he jumps around, on or under anything he can, when he sees his leash he literally bounds on his back legs like a kangaroo. If I am opening any cabinet in my kitchen he runs faster than he’s ever run before. So no – outwardly, patience is not his number one virtue.

But he sits, every morning and every evening, patiently waiting for me to either wake up or come home from work so he can give me two licks on my ankle to say hello. If I am crying, he sits in my lap and won’t move. If I pick him up for snuggles, he (unwillingly) allows me to hold him as long as I please. Dogs don’t have a sense of time, so I guess that explains his willingness to sit and his ability to never hold great lengths of time away against me.

But I also think dogs have an ability to empathize more so than many humans I know. Dogs, despite their knowledge (or lack thereof), will never stop loving you.

I thought of dogs as an example of patience because I have a friend who had to lose her dog best friend today. And poor Opal, even in her sickness, was willing to be pet and held and leaned on for support even though it was she who was ultimately in pain. Isn’t that what we’d all like to be? Think of the patience dogs must keep. They rely on us for everything and yet never resent us.

Do you think sometimes thats how Jesus feels? We rely on this Universe , on Him for everything, and he does not resent us. Maybe we should focus less on being like humans and more on being like animals. Serving, smiling and loving with our whole hearts, not a bit of anger or pride or doubt.

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe, we are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.” Roger Caras

So today, this post is for Opal & Neely. I know she is waiting (laying on a pillow, likely) on the other side, patiently waiting to see you again. We love you little Opie, and I know your owners would say thank you for your patience and love.

See you soon.



Today is day four of my 31 days of patience series. For all posts in the series,click here.


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