day seven: patience in rest

One of the most difficult thing for a woman to do is rest. I’m just guessing, and I’m sure there are exceptions to this, but if the rest of humanity is like me, they have a difficult time with doing nothing.

For example, this afternoon I have about three hours I could fill with errands, crafting, more cleaning, baking, exercising, bathing my dog, bathing myself, etc. etc. Instead, I am literally forcing myself to sit on my couch. I know that it’s important to take “me” time and I know the consequences felt when I don’t feel rested. Rested is different than not tired, rested means I had time to decompress, relax, and just be; however, I can’t be patient while resting. I’ll still make lists, or look up recipes, or organize my coffee table. Then, I get extra impatient with myself because I can’t just be.

The thing is, whether it’s a Sunday afternoon nap or a quick morning mediation, silent still time is important for your soul. You can more easily connect with a bigger sense of purpose, you can hear that “still, small voice” of a bigger Spirit.

Today, I challenge you to use patience with yourself and sit still for at least an hour. Use patience with yourself, because your mind will immediately jump to the thing you “should be” doing. Don’t. Sit and breathe. Click through pinterest, watch a terrible show, but don’t force yourself into action. Your soul will thank you.

See you tomorrow for week 2!



Today is day seven of my 31 days of patience series. For all posts in the series,click here.


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