day twenty one: what patience looks like

Sometimes, we talk about these ideals that ‘good’ people should have as if they are far off, crazy items that will take awhile to reach. We talk about a simple life, we talk about being kind to one another, or volunteerism or whatever. The thing is, patience and goodness look like very simple every day things.

Let the mother of 3 pass you to get her milk first in the grocery store.

Do not get angry when you’re waiting for a phone call.

Let your friend vent without interrupting.

Do not complain about the heat wave, wait for winter.

Let the future come, one day at a time, as it does naturally.

I think recognizing patience is one step closer to creating margin in your life. Patience leaves room for your life to grow in ways that you can’t even imagine – ways that only God had intended. We aren’t in control of everything, but we are in control of our reactions. I think grace grows out of patience, at least I hope so.

See you tomorrow.


Today is day twenty one in my 31 days of patience series. For all posts in the series,click here.



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