shot in the dark

I had a moment today, accidentally.

We all want moments – those freeze framed seconds of life you hang onto, revisit in a bad time. We try to orchestrate them sometimes, with our birthday parties or our Thanksgiving tables. We will find the right dress, say the right words to set ourselves to remember this forever.

Moments are organic, though and we often fall short when we try to set up life. Frankly, because we aren’t in charge, we often sell it short. Our vision for our lives aren’t nearly as big as life’s vision for our lives.

Today, I got off the couch to take my dog outside because he was driving me bananas with his whining. What we ran into was an outdoor market in my neighborhood, where a band had set up shop outside their studio with one guitar and one drum, four food trucks, local artists and people who were smiling. It was 60 degrees and sunny, and every so often a breeze would blow through and acorns would scatter around us. My dog sniffed other dogs but did not bark and everyone was focused on this impromptu music.

This moment was accidental, coincidental and I felt so much gratitude for very simple things, such as seeing yellowish leaves and feeling that I loved this moment even though and because I was alone. I was enjoying who I was and where I was without feeling something missing.

A full heart is almost unbreakable. Fullness comes from gratefulness.

Life is good.





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3 responses to “shot in the dark

  1. Tracey Griffith

    What great words Chels!!! Life is indeed good!!

  2. Jane Baugh

    That was great and you are right

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