Tuesdays Unwrapped

Some gifts aren’t pretty.

You expect your most reassuring moments to be covered in snow, with eye contact and  lines worthy of a very romantic made-for-TV movie. You do expect this, you know. We pretend we don’t care for romance dripping off the tongue and wrapping up your heart, but you were actually made to long for a love that is saccharine-sweet. Technically, not a love you can find in this world but I digress.

Today, a random ball of love, encouragement, hope and effort dropped into my lap. This gift wrapped itself around more than one longing in my heart. The feeling I took away was  I am not only loved, I am known. If you are known, you are supported and grounded – you can take flight but  are safe to return. Encouragement like this wakes up still sleeping parts of you, ideas you stifle in the midst of emails and laundry, hopes you didn’t know you had. It hushes the fear of dicontent and apathy, reaches across miles to remind you lonely doesn’t mean alone.

Even if you expect chocolate-covered prose, crayola-inspired drawings can sparkle enough to center you and have you believe you are loved as you are told you are loved. 

Tuesday refreshed me today. What did Tuesday show you?

Every Tuesday this December, I’ll be unwrapping the unexpected. Join me, and read others here.


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