Here is a phrase seemingly used in every other story or blog post: “twenty-somethings.” Gag, right? But I guess there’s no better way to categorize a generation, a decade of people. And while generally speaking, lumping generations together in a hyperbolic fashion is a quick way to receive fiery comments and anger, I think there’s something to the art of learning how to live best in the age you are.

Paul Angone recently released 101 Secrets for Life in Your 20s – and after I read it on my recent vacation to Hawaii, my dad picked it up and read through it, too. He is not 20 (sorry Dad) but he did also enjoy the book. There’s something to be said for a compilation of really witty ideas accompanied by short stories and my dad and I both appreciated Paul’s brevity and direct nature. The format of the book makes it an easy read and it’s a book you keep around for refresher reads – you know, the books on your nightstand you pick up and re-read on the nights you can’t sleep.

Here’s some of the best tips on living a good life where you are (especially if where you are is in your 20s)  from 101 Secrets and other sources:

  • Secret #71: God wants writing partners. God wants you to banter back and forth with Him, dream the next plotline – heck, even argue with Him about what you should happen next because you’re so passionate about the story you are writing together. I don’t think God wants us to just watch our own life.
  • Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do.
  • Listen to people who are smarter than you, who can give you advice on relationships and life. (Check out all the videos from Quarter Life Conference)
  • Secret #76: No one knows what they’re doing. Don’t wait to feel like you have what it takes before you try. Don’t wait for confidence before you move. You’ll be surprised how quickly an act becomes a reality.
  • If all else fails, listen to good music. I love songs that give me perspective, make me feel like someone else gets it or simply make me dance. And if you’re sad? There’s songs for those times too.

I received an advance copy of Paul Angone’s new book in exchange for my honest review. Honestly, I suggest this book for two reasons: I like lists and this is a great list.  And I like perspective, and this makes you think about who you are and how your life is going.

Pick up your copy from Amazon here or Barnes and Noble here. Tweet Paul and let him know what you think!



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