Four on a Friday

Four fun things I loved this week. You are welcome.

  1. Wednesday morning I stopped by my local Whole Foods on my way into work and grabbed a Vanilla Latte made with Almond Milk. I was SO PLEASED with this drink I legitimately squealed aloud in my car when I took my first sip and as soon as I got to work tweeted about my new love of this latte. And then – you guys – @WholeFoodsMarket TWEETED ME BACK. So not only did I love this delightful espresso drink, I am now obviously a Twitter celeb.
  2. Stumbled across this blog by a rising freshman in college and am obsessed. She illustrates wisdom from her own life and thoughts into animated comics – since I have no idea how any of that works on a computer, I’m both in awe of her talent and impressed with her wisdom. Thank you for sharing with the world!
  3. Three separate times this week I have been reminded of the importance of expressing gratitude or appreciation – even if the person is simply doing their assigned job (hi, mom) but especially if they go out of their way to help you. Consider this your friendly reminder to say “thank you” to a few people this weekend who have impacted your life, big or small. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten note.
  4. Hoping the Farmers Market has beautiful strawberries tomorrow so I have an excuse to make this Strawberry Rose Spritzer. Since it’s a spritzer, I will listen to Donna Summer on my patio while thinking wistfully of how great I would have looked in 70s fashions. Wanna come over?

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.




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One response to “Four on a Friday

  1. Richard E. Baugh

    Would like to come over Tink,maybe one of these days. Love youTink

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