#31Days of 6 a.m.

Because sometimes the days blur together and you can’t remember if you actually showered, or you meant to shower.

Because when you’re up, you’re up and the day starts and the emails come in before you’ve clicked your lock shut on your apartment door and you race, race, race through the day to meet the deadlines and say yes and say no and make it to happy hour before half price drinks are over and because you said you would be there.

And you always said you’d love to write more than just a random blog post monthly and you’d probably be a morning person if you actually committed to going to a workout class and you wonder what the sun actually looks like as it rises. You wish you had time to actually sit on your patio or walk your dog around without sweating or texting or thinking.

Breathe. Slow. Stop.

“I need more time.”

Me too, friend. So I’m making more time. I’ll be joining The Nester and writing a short blog post every day in October – and I’ll also be waking up before the sun every day in October. Trust me, they’re related.

My plan? Every morning this month, I’ll be out of bed before 6 a.m. and for an hour, I will spend time doing anything I’d like. Some days I may exercise, some days I may read, some days I may write. Some days I may just sit on my porch with coffee for an hour. I considered constraining myself to one activity – 6 a.m. writing sessions or workouts – but my intention here was to steal an hour back from my life in which I am able to be – and who I choose to be on any given morning from 6 to 7 a.m. will likely change. So, open-ended.

Meet me here tomorrow morning for the first day of a good month.






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11 responses to “#31Days of 6 a.m.

  1. Found you at The Nester’s link up, and love the heart of this. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. I love your topic! I am NOT a morning person, but I can see the value in getting up early to have a nice start to my day. If I can fall asleep by 11:00, I can usually do it, but as a night owl, it’s rare that I go to bed before midnight. I will definitely come back to see how this goes for you!

  3. beccastanley

    Oh girl I love this! I cant wait to read more. Also, I really really struggle with wanting to and wishing I could get-my-butt-out-of-bed-earlier.

  4. Awesome! We are topic twins, as I’m writing about my morning time as well. 🙂 Excited to read more.

  5. Your topic stuck out to me on the link up. Getting up early has been something I’ve been working on recently too and it really does change your day! So excited to read what your 6 am mornings look like!

  6. Love this topic! Can’t wait to read about your journey

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  8. Great idea! I feel inspired to shake up my morning routine. 🙂

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