#31Days: Day Three (or, tiny thing awareness day)

This morning, getting up only took one snooze button! And Jackson joined me as soon as I got up meaning he is totally on board with our endeavor. Little victories, people.

As I stumbled into the living room this morning, I realized I had no inkling of what I felt like doing for an hour. Obviously I defaulted to my favorite hobby: cooking. I pulled ingredients out of the fridge to put together a fairly healthy breakfast and spent 40 minutes chopping, sautéing, stirring and frying red onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach to make a tasty bed for two fried eggs.

Generally, I cook dinner every weeknight for myself. It’s a routine I cherish – I spend Saturday or Sunday mornings mapping out my meals for the week, accounting for lunch since I usually cook 2 portions of dinner and use half for lunch the next day. Sometimes I watch Food Network while browsing blogs, sometimes I dig through my old printed (sorry, environment) recipes, sometimes I just rely on standby recipes like pork chops and potatoes or roast in the crock pot. Always, though, I use a pen and a notebook to write out a grocery list and meal list. Typically, when I cook dinner, I usually have the TV on in the background (Extra or SVU reruns), and my cell on speakerphone with Kate. This morning, I had no noise and I felt like I was in a therapy session based on sound – which may not exist, but felt very real at 6:10 a.m. today.

I could hear the crisp reaction of the red onion as I sliced, the sizzle when I knew the butter was ready in the pan. I noticed the sound tomatoes made as juice came out from the horizontal slice, the sizzle as spinach quickly wilted, as egg yolks firmed. Also, I thought Food Network should definitely be filming this and I talked to Jackson as if he could hear me and/or respond.

I ended up with this plate of delight and a little insight. And a new rhyming habit?


As for the insight: When I see a sunset or a baby or a puppy or an old couple holding hands, I clearly stop and pay attention. And my heart melts, I think “how great and wonderful this thing is” and I say thanks for the thing. But there are a million things throughout my day I should probably have the same reaction to, and I don’t. Things like walking, breathing, cooking, having food in my fridge, safe commutes to work, co-workers and friends, intelligent conversations, insightful blogs I read. Things like butter sizzling in a pan and crisp wind at 6 a.m. before the sun rises.

I need to pay more attention to the small good things, not just the biggies. The big things are easy to spot – stop signs encouraging you to slow down, notice. The little things slip by unnoticed but these tiny items – these fried eggs, laughs in the elevator, walks down the block – these make your life, a life. They compile, minute over minute, to turn into the days and months which have passed and the moments you didn’t notice until they were gone.

Anyway, it was a good hour.

Pay attention this afternoon or evening. See how many tiny things you can stockpile into a heap of gratitude for this life.



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2 responses to “#31Days: Day Three (or, tiny thing awareness day)

  1. Love this – the cooking, the gratitude, the talking with your dog (or cat?).

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