#31Days: Day Four (or, the day all I think of is food)

Can I tell you a secret? I have nothing inspirational to tell you today.

I woke up at 6, took a shower, made savory pumpkin dip for our cook-off today at work and then it was 7. I waited a while to write this post, hoping once I got to work I would be inspired to really share some deep six-in-the-morning style thoughts. The only profound moment I’ve had, though, was this one thought:

I really, really love honey mustard.

Which lead me to think of other slightly random food stuffs I love, leading me to wonder what random food stuffs all my invisible internet friends who read my blog like to eat. So here’s my list of somewhat-weird food loves:

  1. all of the mustards, but especially honey mustard. and horseradish, Dijon, and stoneground. so all of the mustards.
  2. really crispy almost burnt-ish bacon
  3. hard-boiled eggs
  4. turkey from the deli counter, sliced fairly thick OR really thin (don’t in-between me here)
  5. icy cold root beer (this maybe happens twice a year, not sure why I’m allotting it a #5 spot but it is SO GOOD)
  6. jalapeno poppers, the kind with cream cheese and bacon and grilled  marks on them
  7. pork chops
  8. bananas, sliced up in milk
  9. raw mushrooms
  10. sprinkle donuts

I promise we’re not going to talk about food everyday, though I definitely could. Tell me what you love to eat that others probably don’t!

Also, who really has pork chops on their top 10 list? I am so strange.



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2 responses to “#31Days: Day Four (or, the day all I think of is food)

  1. Maria Francis

    I like capers in pasta.
    I love bananas and honey

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