#31Days: Day Seven (or, the day I double dog dared you)

Today was much more successful than the weekend wakeups, primarily because I went to bed at a normal hour and also, I have to go to work. Two very good reasons to not ignore my alarm clock. One week into this, I can say with certainty there is a much higher level of productivity and cleanliness in my apartment. This hour I’m up is spent in a variety of ways, but there’s always a little bit of straightening, cleaning or dishes done before 7 a.m. rolls around.

So this morning, I decided to workout. At my old apartment, I used the Nike Training Club app a few times a week. It’s a free app with 30 and 45-minute workouts, plus 15-minute ‘focus area’ workouts. The lady speaks to you and counts down your intervals which I find nice and rude because letting me know only 15 seconds have passed is a bit unnecessary.

What I remembered about NTC at 6:15 this morning is how much jumping is involved in these workouts. And how I used to live on the first floor and now live on the second. And…how sorry I was for my neighbor but I had to keep going. Oops. What I realized in the middle of working out is I breathe really weird while doing pushups and I hope I breathe differently when at an actual gym. If not, NO ONE TELL ME. I need some self-confidence here.

I can tell you this for sure: this hour makes a huge difference. Having the time to adjust to the day, to move slowly at first is such a game changer. (I mean today I was doing burpees but you get the point.) Here’s what I decided once 7 a.m. rolled around: some day this week, I want you to wake up early enough to spend time hanging out for an hour. I don’t know what time you get up and I don’t care how you spend the hour but here are my general rules:

  • Out of the bedroom by 6:00 a.m.
  • No TV
  • No social media (like at all even if you have a notifications)
  • Do what you feel: read a book, read a blog or the news (gasp, I know), make a good breakfast, stretch, take a walk
  • Use an entire 60 minutes on doing one of these frivolous activities

I say frivolous because in our world, we rarely prioritize slow or we call taking time for ourselves ‘selfish.’ You don’t get awards for reading daily, or actually taking a shower in which you’re not racing the clock. But you should. I should, and you should, slow down a little. The race is long, ya know?

And for those of you still thinking you don’t want to wake up early one day this week: I double dog dare you. Now you all have to do it. Also you have to please come back and tell me how great of a time you had.



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5 responses to “#31Days: Day Seven (or, the day I double dog dared you)

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by the pocket buzz blog. I agree–post-college friendships ARE tough!

    Props to you for committing to a 6 am wake up call. I’m still learning how to get out of bed in time for work. So I have a thing or two to learn from you!!

  2. I am really enjoying this series. When it started, you reminded me of a boyfriend from way, way back who used to get up two hours before he was supposed to go anywhere. It was a lovely, slow way to greet the day. (His father had died of a heart attack and this was one of his ways of making sure it didn’t happen to him.) Anyway, I have just started a part-time job where I have to be at work for 8am (and leave at 7:15 to take the appropriate busses) –so, yeah, it’s 5am and I am reading your blog! You had company this morning!

    • Alana, thanks for leaving a note! I love that you decided to get up early too (though you definitely leave much earlier than I). Hope you had a great morning!

  3. Crystal from Saskatchewan

    Hi! I LOVE this series. I am very tempted to accept your double dog dare. 5:00a.m. seems so awful but I know it would pay off. I’ll keep you posted : )

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