#31Days: Day Eight (or, things I thought I’d outgrow day)

I did my dishes this morning because I was too lazy to do them last night. It was by no means a transcendental experience, but I did have time to think as I unloaded and reloaded. After, I made some eggs and opened the door to my patio and ate in silence. The mornings have been perfect here, a little dewy and very cool. Jacks goes on the patio and lets the wind blow through his fur, majestically.

And while I could go on about the weather and my dog, I want to turn our attention to a topic I realized right before I stepped out the door as I leaned obsessively close to the mirror to identify any spots on my face I could pick. As I angled my body oddly over the sink to get *that* much closer to the mirror, I realized you never really grow out of some bad habits. I thought I would stop picking at my face at least by age 18. Wrong.

So as I drove to work, I thought of the other habits I most certainly knew would be gone by the time I was nearly 25.

  1. practicing what I am going to say before making a phone call to the dentist, doctor, hair salon. etc.
  2. saying “oh yeah me neither” when people say they don’t want dessert
  3. hearing a noise in the middle of the night and FREEZING IN PLACE in my bed, because obviously a murderer will leave me alone if I am very still and holding my breath
  4. showing my parents my ‘report card’ (which is now forwarding emails where I am praised for a good job at work) to make sure they’re proud of me and I guess, will take me to Mr. Gatti’s for extra tokens..?
  5. not spending my entire paycheck the week it hits my bank account (at least it’s not at abercrombie kids anymore)

As I drove to work, I realized I can’t be the only one who has these quiet, silly things making them feel less of a grown-up than they should be. After all, there’s an entire genre of music, movies and films about THE MILLENNIALS  and how terrible we are at life.

I took a poll of my friends and, in no particular order, here are the things they thought they would have outgrown by now:

  • animated movies – Still love them
  • my waistline – I quit eating out as much, though
  • debt – I figured by 25, I would own a house / would not be drowning in my student loans
  • fast food – McDonalds…Wendy’s.
  • PB&J’s, Blue Box Mac & Cheese – *editor’s note: these are delightful and should always stick around
  • being single – TRUTH
  • fear – I slept with the lights on after watching paranormal state….
  • being jealous – TRUTH
  • the shirt I wore in my senior pics – OK, put this one in the win column
  • early 2000’s pop bands – I’ll ditto this and add in 90’s country (obviously) 

My friend Laura said it best: “I think 25 was the magical age as a kid that you’re like wow, you’re old.” I agree. Twenty five sounded so exciting, so mature. I knew I’d be so successful, wear a lot of beautiful expensive high heels and have a fabulous husband laughing as I came home from my glamorous job. Which is definitely what my life looks like, so you should all feel bad about yourselves. 

Here’s the thing: no one gets all the things they thought they would – no one really ‘grows up’ to the version they imagine at age 16. And thank Jesus for that, amiright? We have so many chances to live a fabulous life, and we spend our days pining over what it should be or what it might have looked like. I think it’s time we just say, hey – this is what I’m working with and it’s not so bad

So here’s to us, guys. We’re at the magical age where we get to wear the cape of adulthood decorated with debt, bills and single nights covered in wine stains while watching animated TV series and eating blue box in our overpriced-rent apartment. When I look at us collectively, I think – we aren’t really so terrible at life. Seems like I’ve picked some people to surround myself with who are on my same page at the very least. 

Cheers, you crazy half-grown ups I call friends. Forever young!



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2 responses to “#31Days: Day Eight (or, things I thought I’d outgrow day)

  1. Maria Francis

    At 50 I still pick my face, lay very still if I hear something and wish I could stop craving McDonald’s

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