#31Days: Day Ten (or, the day I channeled Katherine Heigl)

This morning, I didn’t feel particularly awesome but I really wanted today to be awesome. As I sat up in my bed, I looked around and thought “what would I do if I were the lead character in a movie and got out of bed to go to work?” Obviously I would dance around in my socks with my dog, preferably in a slow-motion montage of giggles with my ponytail perfectly bouncing around.

So I did.

Let’s be clear – the montage was likely not as picturesque as a scene with Katherine Heigl in any given romantic comedy with Ashton Kutcher by her side. But I did dance and it did work. I hopped around the living room to some country, a little Benny & The Jets and wrapped up with Jay-Z. Jackson wasn’t so impressed and I’m sure my poor downstairs neighbor wasn’t either.  But I was giggly, so it worked.

This is proof positive something my pastor always says is true: emotions follow actions. Also something Kid President says too: you can complain about it, or you can dance about it.

If your Thursday at work is going anything like mine, it doesn’t so much look like a fun scene from a movie. Maybe you work from home and your kids are driving you nuts, or you work in an office and the adults are still driving you nuts. Maybe you don’t work and you wish you did – or you do work and wish you didn’t. Whatever today looks like for you, find something resembling dancing to make it feel better. Maybe it’s a song or a laugh or inspirational quoter or maybe you should actually dance. Act happy and you will feel happy.

Just a thought.



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