#31Days: Day Thirteen (or, the day of quiet)

Today, I did wake up at six even with four sleeping 18-year-old kittens in my apartment. I didn’t go anywhere, or even get out of my bed, but I did read a few more chapters of Anne Lamott (seriously, how often can I reference her in 31 days? I think I’m borderline stalker at this point).

This was a good weekend. I saw many friends I don’t usually see, I’m not heavily invested in football so while a bit disappointed in the game I didn’t lose my lunch over the situation, and I had the chance to see my sister and her sweet friends. When they left this afternoon, I just sat in my quiet home for a bit thinking of how great of a weekend I had and how thankful I am for old and new friends. Also, how grateful I was to sit in quiet and take a nap.

When I left church this morning, I debated what I would write about today. I have many things stirring in my heart and I know they’ll come out this week when I have these hours to myself every morning. I also am sorry I’ve been so late/bad at posting this weekend. I lost my motivation, I was distracted and let’s just be honest: the middle of something is really hard. Beginnings are fine, you’re excited and the end – duh – is good. But the 13th day of doing something? Boring. But this week is halfway and I am excited to finish out these days.

In the meantime, Huffington Post wrote a story on the importance of intentional mornings. I am going to pretend it is because they read my blog (it’s not) but you should read it anyway. Mainly for this quote: “If the first thing you do in the morning isn’t 100 percent for you, selfishly, then the rest of your day will be spent not doing anything for you.”



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