#31Days: Day Sixteen (or, the day I stop doing these things)

Don’t panic at the title. “These things” refers to the list I’m about to throw at you, not writing my online diary for you all to read. I’ll continue blogging of course. You’re welcome.

But I was thinking today how I wish people would stop complaining about things they can fix. Then I realized wait, I am one of those people…but I don’t want to be that person. You know the person I’m talking about – all of us have a “that” person. Yours may be different than mine, but for me that person is someone who is so painfully unaware of themselves and the world they just go through life thinking there is nothing to be done about it, nothing actionable to do except complain. Bleh.

So, in what turned out to be a very introspective morning, I considered the qualities I currently take on and actions I repeat which I would rather not have associated with me. Guess what, there’s more than one. SURPRISE.

I want to stop…

  • rigidly sticking to my scheduled week, rather than considering changing plans for a fun spontaneous ask
  • joining in when people complain in order to feel accepted (when I actually don’t feel completely the same)
  • saying “just” when explaining anything I do
  • quickly telling people what I can’t do (no, I can’t sing; no, I’m terrible at cutting straight lines; no, I’m bad with numbers)
  • having entire fake conversations in my head with the people who make fun of me for writing this blog (to be clear, those people may not even exist in real life, but they damn sure do in my head right before I hit ‘publish’ everyday)
  • being angry at others drivers on the road
  • assuming nobody else has the same (or worse) workload, stress or bad days
  • saying yes to everything because I don’t want to let anyone down
  • giving anyone a reason to think any articles about my “terrible” generation are filled with truth
  • not having faith in a plan far greater than any I can imagine
  • missing the good parts, even on a bad day

So…turns out I have a lot of things lining up to bring me down to the status I don’t want. Step one to solving any problem is identifying the problem, right? I guess we’ll get there. What do you have on the list? Lemme know. I hate being alone in these things.



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2 responses to “#31Days: Day Sixteen (or, the day I stop doing these things)

  1. Abi Alsup

    I want to stop… obsessing over my imperfections every single day.

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