#31Days: Day Nineteen (or, the day Kate Beard guest stars)

Hi friends,

I am in Norman, hanging out with my sister and my Kate. We were up at 5:30 this morning (even before six) for my little sister’s initiation into her sorority. This means we are now real life sisters and also Kappa sisters, which is pretty neat if you’re into this sort of thing and irrelevant if you’re not. I like it.

Kate spent an entire year blogging daily, celebrating one holiday a day. It is still my favorite fact to tell people about her, followed closely by her weird dislike of pets. I asked her to guest blog today, since she had the joy of experiencing six a.m. Here she is:

Happy 19th 6am Day! This is not Chelsie, this is Chelsie’s person Kate. I was asked to guest blog for the 19th celebration and I’m just thrilled.

Let’s preface this with the fact that I did not choose to celebrate the wee hours of the morn this month. In fact, I don’t celebrate the wee hours of the morn any month. But when your person is passionate about October celebrations and you both happen to be in your college town for sorority events, you buck up and get your 6am on.

So today we rose before the sun and headed to our old sorority house to initiate my cousin and Chelsie’s sister.

There’s something to be said about being initiated into something secret. I highly suggest it if you haven’t. I mean don’t like join Scientology, but find a pledge to take. There were multiple generations of alums. It was so neat to know that 50 years ago someone’s grandmother was learning the same songs I learned.

And now I’m sitting at the Mont, my most favorite bar, with Chelsie and our sisters. I’ve eaten at all my favorite Oklahoma restaurants. And I feel like my friendship tank is full. (Dear Chelsie, please laugh as hard as I did at ‘friendship tank’).

This was the best list of weekend activities to kick off the last 12 days of purposeful 6am days. And even if we didn’t do dishes or read or make plans for the next week, we got to giggle and drink cheap beers and sit in the sunshine.

Love you CB, so glad you have a purposeful October!!


lol, friendship tank.



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