#31days: Day Twenty One (or, an off day)

Some of these days, you just do what you gotta do. I’m fairly neutral on the activities completed thus far today – at 6, I took clothes out of the dryer and put them away, unpacked my bag from the weekend, sent a few work emails and ate some cereal. I had to be at work fairly early to coordinate some things and I’ve spent most of the day in and out of meetings, on email and meeting deadlines.

Nothing spectacular, nothing terrible.

I think traveling intensifies these days upon return to normal life. Even with just a weekend trip, the landscape changes. Your days seem a bit longer, you have a few more moments at meals. There are no chores or emails hanging over your head. When you return home, it’s a bit of a jolt.

There are a lot of these neutral days in everyone’s life in every season. You don’t remember these though – no one looks back wistfully on the days they would consider average, get-your-work-done days.

Another contributing factor to my neutral attitude is a round of bad news from various friends. Sickness, death and sadness all around. Sometimes when you know people going through the unimaginable, you shift your focus for a second. Also, you realize the word unimaginable is probably not what we should use, because it reiterates that for you it’s just something you would have to pretend, and for them it’s something they have to accept as reality. Fairness isn’t really life’s greatest quality.


For my friends with sad news today, consider yourself loved. Know there are people willing to hug you and take care of you, and let them. We’re all here for each other, no matter the day.


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