31 Days of 6 a.m


Breathe. Slow. Stop.

“I need more time.”

Me too, friend. So I’m making more time. I’ll be joining The Nester and writing a short blog post every day in October – and I’ll also be waking up before the sun every day in October. Trust me, they’re related.

My plan? Every morning this month, I’ll be out of bed before 6 a.m. and for an hour, I will spend time doing anything I’d like. Some days I may exercise, some days I may read, some days I may write. Some days I may just sit on my porch with coffee for an hour. I considered constraining myself to one activity – 6 a.m. writing sessions or workouts – but my intention here was to steal an hour back from my life in which I am able to be – and who I choose to be on any given morning from 6 to 7 a.m. will likely change. So, open-ended.

Find all posts in the series below. Thanks for reading!



Day One (or, the day I realized I was crazy)
Day Two (or, overdraft protection day) 
Day Three (or, tiny thing awareness day)
Day Four (or, the day all I think of is food)
Day Five (or, link day)
Day Six (or, inspirational quote day)
Day Seven (or, the day I double dog dared you)
Day Eight (or, things I thought I’d outgrow day)
Day Nine (or, the day I lay in the dark)
Day Ten (or, the day I channeled Katherine Heigl)
Day Eleven (or, the day of paradox)
Day Twelve (or, the day I cheated)
Day Thirteen (or, the day of quiet)
Day Fourteen (or, the day of reckoning)
Day Fifteen (or, the day we discuss a broken heart)
Day Sixteen (or, the day I stop doing these things)
Day Seventeen (or, the day my brain won’t focus)
Day Eighteen (or, the day we discuss friends)
Day Nineteen (or, the day Kate Beard guest stars)
Day Twenty (or, the day I prep for the week)
Day Twenty One (or, an off day)
Day Twenty Two (or, the dismissal of social media)
Day Twenty Three (or, the day we address delusion)
Day Twenty Four (or, you may be alone forever)
Day Twenty Five (or, life is good)
Day Twenty Six (or, I am too busy for you)
Day Twenty Seven (or, additional voices in my head)
Day Twenty Eight (or, how to not drown)


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