31 Days of Patience

This year, in an effort to dedicate more time to my blogging and writing, I’ll be linking up with The Nester on the “31 Days of…” series. The topic? Patience.

Join me, actually, in laughing at myself on this one. But hey – we all need a challenge and apparently, I’m up for another one. Jesus and I have this tug-of-war where I ask for something and it presents itself as a challenge. Matter of fact, I think that’s the whole gimmick with this living life thing. So I’m going to spend 31 days writing about patience – encompassing all sorts of ways in which we’re challenged to slow down in this life. I want to uncover the beauty in the waiting, the frustration in not getting what you want. We’ll find out just how far we can go before we become Verruca Salt and  I want it now. 

Find all posts in this series below. Thanks for reading!


Day 1: Patience in the Waiting
Day 2: Patience, Defined
Day 3: The Limit Does Not Exist
Day 4: Dog Days
Day 5: People of Patience
Day 6: Are We There Yet? 
Day 7: Patience in Rest
Day 8: Perspective on Patience
Day 9: Patience in the Distance
Day 10: When You Don’t Know Why You’re Waiting
Day 11:  Road Rage
Day 12: Patience with Your Dreams
Day 13: Perspective on Patience
Day 14: People of Patience
Day 15: Patience with Words
Day 16: Patience with Yourself
Day 17: Waiting on Inspiration
Day 18: When You’re Angry
Day 19: Our Daily Bread
Day 20: Patience is not an Excuse
Day 21: What Patience Looks Like
Day 22: Responsibility
Day 23: Run the Race
Day 24: The Spiral
Day 25: Busybody
Day 26: When People Wait on You
Day 27: What Love Is 
Day 28: Impatience
Day 29: On Quitting
Day 30: When Your Truths Don’t Ring True for Everyone
Day 31: Lessons Learned


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