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Raise your hand if you love to work!

Riiiiight. If you’re reading this and you’re in the age range of 18-25, I am going to assume your hands never left your mouse and/or iPhone screen on that question. If they did, please leave a comment explaining yourself.

The thing is, very rarely do you hop out of college and onto the glamour train of work. Sorry, Lauren Conrad, your life was rigged. This is not to say that I do not enjoy my job – I do, very much! I am in a company that rules, part of a few committees at work I enjoy and my day to day tasks are not (often) menial or annoying; however, my paycheck and stress are a bit misaligned. Willing to bet every person I know would agree with that statement.

So how do you enjoy your current state, if it’s miles away from your goals?

Drink some coffee every morning and put a smile on.

Get off your butt and move around as much as possible. I know this sounds trite, because every “enjoy your life, here’s some tips!” list includes exercise and/or movement but it’s worth repeating. Not only will it help you lose the pounds you’ve put on since starting your cubicle life (thanks, snack room), it will likely prevent office butt.

Try to find a new lesson in everyday, even if it involves re-learning that Sharpies are different than Expo markers on white boards.

Make office friends. Staff meetings are funnier if you can text each other jokes, Imgur is more fun when shared with a friend and who knows – mutual bonding over cat videos could lead to real life friends! (and Lord knows, those are hard to find).

Don’t lose sight of your real dreams, just don’t watch those dreams on company time. Remember your goals – go back to your 10-, 17-, or 19 year old self and consider what she wanted. I include 10 year old self, because 10 year old dreams’ are the greatest because they are not cynical or jaded. No, little Chelsie, our Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader dream didn’t work out.

Finally, get real with yourself. Are you unhappy, really, or are you just bored? Prior to office living, your life refreshed every semester or so and now – it doesn’t. But just because you don’t get three weeks to go home and raid your parents pantry and catch up with your high school friends after finals doesn’t mean you can’t take a break, a vacation or make a change. Create a list! What would make you happy? I want to learn how to bake bread. I also always say I’m going to become a runner. One of those two things will happen in the next month (betcha can guess which one).

That’s the key to happiness I decided: you can’t wish, pray, hope, buy or beg for it. You have to create it. Your “it” is likely different than every else’s “it” – but decide what it is, then go do it.

Final word of advice: wake up at your first alarm. Don’t hit the snooze button. Try it for a week, your life will change.




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