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#31Days: Day Twenty Two (or, the dismissal of social media)

For Lent this year, I gave up the big 3: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On February 13, I pulled the saved log ins for all three from my work computer, personal laptop, iPad and iPhone – and while I’m startled anyway at the myriad of access points I had, I was more startled to feel so disconnected from people.

For about two days.

The first weekend, I felt very free. I could do whatever I wanted and it did not matter what people (near or far) were posting, saying, filtering and tweeting. I did not have to answer to anyone or any platform. Nobody was able to know where I was, how I felt or what I thought unless they called me. Calling me! How novel.

Now, I had my reasons for disconnecting and they ranged from things or people I didn’t want to bother myself with seeing to just me as a human trying to think about only me. I also know I am not the first and won’t be the last to disconnect from social media. I did not break new ground here on the stress or anxiety caused by seeing everyone else’s ‘fun’ or ‘perfect’ life, FOMO is not something I invented, etc.

What I am here to tell you is I am proud of myself for spending 46 days only answering to people I saw in real life, heard over the phone or to myself. I spent 46 days filling my time with cleaning my apartment, reading books (! real ones), getting adequate amounts of sleep or exercise and face time with people and activities. In those 46 days, I had no desire to check Facebook or Insta to compare, I did not feel guilty for staying in alone on a Saturday and I did not let my mind wander into the dark places of anxiety or loneliness.

I like to challenge myself – to see what I can live with or live without, to test my limits of endurance and willpower. I thought of this Lenten challenge this morning when my instinct was to immediately open Instagram as soon as the clock hit 7 a.m. I was up at 6, working (not the intention of these 31 days, but I digress) and was itching to check social media. For what? Good Q.

As the months pass, I consider giving it all up again – or at least taking a hiatus. Could you? Would you? It’s freeing, I tell ya.

Think about it.



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June Things

Hello, happy almost July!

June was busy, fun and a change. I spent my first full month in my new apartment, attempted to eat mostly paleo and failed and took a few roadtrips to celebrate friends and family. Because this is my blog I obviously think any thoughts I have I need to share with you. Here are a few things I thought in June.

  • Summer means sprinkle ice cream cones every day. The first half of June I thought of sprinkles very often because we celebrated national donut day at work with Hypnotic Donuts, where naturally I had a  ‘homer’ (strawberry glaze, 1,000 sprinkles) and therefore craved sprinkles the remainder of the month. My only satisfaction came with this beauty.


  • Someone leads you to believe, as a teenager, your acne will go away as you age. This is entirely false, 100 percent untrue. I have the worst face and I’m mid-20’s. True story I get carded at rated-R movies
  • The same person who lies to you about your teenage acne is the same person who lies to you about your teenage friends and how it’s a phase for people to hurt your feelings. Sometimes, no one grows up and you still do not get invited to Ashley’s slumber party when everyone else does and you are all twenty five so it shouldn’t matter but it does.
  • I discovered I pay (paid) nearly $140 a month for cable and internet. And then I thought, WAIT I AM POOR. So I remedied the situation by switching to AT&T, where surely my bill will always be incorrect and my costs will hike tremendously next June when my contract ends. Take that, cable bill.
  • On the same note, I lived in my apartment four weeks before watching Netflix which is a sentence meant to tell you I was incredibly busy in June and worked a lot.
  • Speaking of work, there have been a number of days in June where I feel schooled when I get home. I reflect on the day and realized I learned at least 347 new things, from different people. Sometimes I am in awe of the brain power surrounding me at this job. Then my brain turns to mush as I cook a quasi-paleo meal and perhaps drink wine. It’s all about balance.
  • There are many days where many things need to happen and there are some days you do not put on shoes and you spend time laying on the grass staring at clouds. Make sure you do both of those days regularly.
  • My schedule was pretty packed in June and remains this way through September. One weekend I drove out to the lakehouse to meet my family and it rained – and I took three naps in one day and did not wear pants (I mean, I had on a bathing suit) and ate a lot of queso. My dog barked at 1,000 duckies. My soul felt better. I thought how important margin is in your life in order for your soul to breathe.

Jackson Lake

  • I cannot stop scrolling through Rich Kids of Instagram. I want to interview these children and make a mashup of ridiculous thoughts they have in their tiny expensive brains.
  • Since I’m currently in my 20’s, it is fun for me to read about others in their twenties. Mostly when they mess up and find a way to figure out the humor in it all….which is why I love Paul and his new book “101 Secrets for Life in Your Twenties.” Even if you’re a bit past your 20’s, Paul was some wit and humor in there anyone could benefit from digesting. Need an example? Here is one of my favorite ‘secrets’: “Obsessive Comparison Disorder is the smallpox of our generation. Nine out of 10 doctors agree this disorder is the leading cause to eating two boxes of Girl Scout cookies while watching The Bachelor.” #guilty.

Liked my June things? Head over to Emily’s link-up and read a lot of lessons learned in June.

As for me, I’m going to Hawaii.

Talk soon,



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day twenty one: what patience looks like

Sometimes, we talk about these ideals that ‘good’ people should have as if they are far off, crazy items that will take awhile to reach. We talk about a simple life, we talk about being kind to one another, or volunteerism or whatever. The thing is, patience and goodness look like very simple every day things.

Let the mother of 3 pass you to get her milk first in the grocery store.

Do not get angry when you’re waiting for a phone call.

Let your friend vent without interrupting.

Do not complain about the heat wave, wait for winter.

Let the future come, one day at a time, as it does naturally.

I think recognizing patience is one step closer to creating margin in your life. Patience leaves room for your life to grow in ways that you can’t even imagine – ways that only God had intended. We aren’t in control of everything, but we are in control of our reactions. I think grace grows out of patience, at least I hope so.

See you tomorrow.


Today is day twenty one in my 31 days of patience series. For all posts in the series,click here.


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