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I just went back and read my blog through December 2010 – it’s funny to read each month’s post because I can remember exactly my state of mind, my location, my mood. I re-read in order to gain perspective on what goals worked best – what goals I stuck with, which ones created a better sense of happiness.

Happiness isn’t something you can create alone. I know many people say it’s how you think, what you say, that makes you happy — and to some degree, that is true. And, it’s no one else’s responsibility but your own to figure out how you can stay in happiness. But I don’t think you get to be happy all the time, and you don’t get to be happy just because one day you decide to be happy.

Throughout the past 11 months, I’ve realized that while budgeting, cleaning, exercising, laughing, singing in the morning and forgiving people have contributed to my happiness, you can’t always control it – sometimes you’re in winter and sometimes you’re in summer. You’ve gotta go through it all in order to see how you can cling to hope in the middle of anything.

For this last month, I’ve picked the goals that seemed to have the most direct impact on how I felt daily. I plan on carrying these into every month of 2012 – although I don’t plan on blogging about it or creating new ones every month.

My 2012 resolution is going to surprise you all — and probably 1/2 of you won’t believe I can do it. But we’ll get to that in January. For now:

1. Clean
When I kept things tidy and clean, so much stress was alleviated. You don’t realize how much dirty dishes or a messy closet subconsciously bothers you until you don’t have either for an extended period of time. There’s an invisible strain lifted off your to-do list and you realize…..ohhh thats why there’s so many blogs dedicated to decluttering your life. I plan to vaccum on Mondays, dust on Tuesdays, clean the bathroom on Wednesdays, the kitchen on Thursdays and use the weekend to make sure my clothes are clean and put away. I also need to clean out some junk drawers( +cabinets, +shelves) at some point.

2. Body
No brainer, but boot camp month was the best I’ve felt/looked in awhile. Working out 4x a week seems like too much, but after doing it for four straight weeks I realized how much you can actually accomplish from 5 am to 6 pm. It’s unreal and it feels so great — I was not only exercising well, I had more energy and drive for everything. I’m going back to 4x a week workouts (I’m joining a gym on Monday), and keeping a food journal. I also will not use a snooze button the entire month of December (I swear, this was the best goal I had all year).

3. Mind
Positive self-talk is still a priority and something I work on daily – as well as praying and being cognizant of my surroundings. I will continue working on my gratitude journal daily, as well as noting my prayers. I’m also going to participate in linking up to Tuesdays Unwrapped posts from my other blog.

4. Budget
…wah wah. Same as the clutter/clean bit. You never realize the worry you have about money until you don’t worry any longer. I need to save more and stop just freely spending. I wish my bank account supported that lifestyle, but sadly it doesn’t. I will start making my direct moves into savings when my check hits, and I’ll start paying attention to my budgeting app that kindly sends me alerts that I have not read since September….oops.

As for November’s goals – I think I did well. I finished my last gratitude letter tonight and they’ll all be in the mailbox in the morning. The USPS better never go under, there’s nothing that makes me happier than getting mail.

Happy last month of 2011. How was your year? Do you feel happier than you did in December 2010? I can promise you I do, by leaps and bounds. So thank you to those of you reading this who stuck with me.




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