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July things

1. I re-watched Pitch Perfect the first weekend of July and proceeded to listen to the soundtrack on Spotify for six days. I will not apologize and I will admit I now try to mash up songs while singing in my car. I’ll leave how fantastic I sound up to your imagination.

2. Did you know DJ & Kimmy are still best friends? You do now. You’re welcome.

3. A large chunk of time at my job is spent utilizing Google News and boolean operators to find coverage for clients. I love it – not because it’s highly interesting to do but because I get the opportunity to read comments on major (and minor) news stories. Here’s a newsflash: PEOPLE ARE CRAZY! I laugh aloud daily because of comments. Some favorites from July:

  • U.S. Citizen: No such thing as news media anymore, its a propaganda media doing the same type of reporting as they did for Hitler. And we all know how that turned out.
  • Nick Dasher: He sort of dies and then comes back. It’s complicated.
  • KarlaH: It sure would be nice if people were ….. RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES

4. Speaking of Google, if you searched for ‘millennials’ or ’20-somethings’, you would find so many theories and opinions on who we are as a decade, age group, generation. Most of it is probably true, or at least applicable to a majority. But something I want to shout at my friends is this: We don’t have to be stereotypical. We don’t have to be penniless in jobs we hate. We don’t have to be scared, powerless, in limbo.  We can change the story! You can be whoever or whatever you want to be. You aren’t trapped. Being 20-something doesn’t mean you’re 20-stuck. You don’t have to have the same quirks as college or high school you and 30 year old you doesn’t have to be the same as 24 year old you. Don’t trust me? Trust people I trust like Shana Niequist who says you can change your story or Paul Angone who can help you jump through a quarter-life crisis.

5. Q: What would you do if you won the lottery? Thanks for asking, I thought about it recently and here’s my plan: I would buy houses in a cul-de-sac and allow my friends and family to move into them for free. I would say “hello, how are you friend/sister/mom/dad/cousin with the cutest kid? Here’s what’s up. I have a couple million to blow and I’d like us all to live in the same neighborhood so we can have dinner parties and go to zumba and our kids can have sleepovers.” Also, I would go on a long vacation and buy insanely expensive knives for my kitchen. Pipedream.

6. Here is a thing I did in July:  I de-virginized my hair via highlights. I took approximately 14 selfies before I gave up and figured people could just see it in person, then I took this one to send to my mom and thought maybe I nailed the selfie game. Sidenote, if you have tips on actually looking normal in a selfie let me know – I prefer the eyes squeezed shut style. At any rate, I am beyond thrilled with my hair color and feel sunshine-y and fun. Also, if you want color in Dallas go see Frankie at Salon Pompeo, she is my new best friend.


6. Travel things I did in  July? See Justin Timberlake and JayZ at Soldier Field in Chicago. <- See how casually this sentence is written? In no way does it accurately describe HOW BEYOND AMAZING THE CONCERT WAS. Also, I went to Maui. If you have not been to Maui, GO NOW IMMEDIATELY. We had a fantastic family vacation filled with desserts, walks, hikes, rainbows, fruit and laughs.



7. On this same note, I have a break up letter to write:

Dear Dallas,

I have grown to like you immensely in the two years we’ve shared. I appreciate your side streets to avoid traffic and your quick access to a myriad of grocery stores, Sonic and CVS. I like the city-wide appreciation for brunch and I’m OK with the weather. But, I’m having an affair with Chicago and there is no end in sight. We’re in love and I can’t stop. I love to walk, I love hearing people’s conversations, I love the train, I love the lake, I love the restaurants and I love Kate. I will be cheating on you as much as possible until further notice. Feel free to change our Facebook status to “In an open relationship.”


8. How to look like a million bucks when you’ve only spent $10. Hint: those symbols on the tags in your clothes actually stand for how to properly wash the thing.

9. I love all of my married friends and baby-parent friends. I love their weddings, because pretty things are fun to watch and also there is usually delightful food and free booze. Same for baby showers, here’s a onesie where is the punch? You know what we’re missing though? Showers for the singles, the puppy moms, the work-iversary. On this same note, NY Mag has really hit the nail on the head in a number of posts recently. Add it to your Feedly. (RIP reader)

10.  I’ve been a bit lackadaisical in July about food, writing, life, working out, cleaning (sorry, what, why I am confessing this…….) but August 1 is a new month, new day. I’m starting another Whole30 (sorry, what, why I am crazy……), joining a new gym, paying attention to things like sweeping, mopping, organizing my inbox. You know, life things. What motivates you more, a to-do list or just reminders electronically? I love to know peoples tips for not “forgetting” to dust regularly.

So, there’s July. All in all a month in which I traveled, laughed, cried (once, let’s not talk about it), saw new and old friends and relaxed. I am forever grateful to have time to travel and friends to see when I get there.

Like last month, if you’ d like to see what other awesome people learned in July, head to Emily’s link up. Happy August!





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Here is a phrase seemingly used in every other story or blog post: “twenty-somethings.” Gag, right? But I guess there’s no better way to categorize a generation, a decade of people. And while generally speaking, lumping generations together in a hyperbolic fashion is a quick way to receive fiery comments and anger, I think there’s something to the art of learning how to live best in the age you are.

Paul Angone recently released 101 Secrets for Life in Your 20s – and after I read it on my recent vacation to Hawaii, my dad picked it up and read through it, too. He is not 20 (sorry Dad) but he did also enjoy the book. There’s something to be said for a compilation of really witty ideas accompanied by short stories and my dad and I both appreciated Paul’s brevity and direct nature. The format of the book makes it an easy read and it’s a book you keep around for refresher reads – you know, the books on your nightstand you pick up and re-read on the nights you can’t sleep.

Here’s some of the best tips on living a good life where you are (especially if where you are is in your 20s)  from 101 Secrets and other sources:

  • Secret #71: God wants writing partners. God wants you to banter back and forth with Him, dream the next plotline – heck, even argue with Him about what you should happen next because you’re so passionate about the story you are writing together. I don’t think God wants us to just watch our own life.
  • Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do.
  • Listen to people who are smarter than you, who can give you advice on relationships and life. (Check out all the videos from Quarter Life Conference)
  • Secret #76: No one knows what they’re doing. Don’t wait to feel like you have what it takes before you try. Don’t wait for confidence before you move. You’ll be surprised how quickly an act becomes a reality.
  • If all else fails, listen to good music. I love songs that give me perspective, make me feel like someone else gets it or simply make me dance. And if you’re sad? There’s songs for those times too.

I received an advance copy of Paul Angone’s new book in exchange for my honest review. Honestly, I suggest this book for two reasons: I like lists and this is a great list.  And I like perspective, and this makes you think about who you are and how your life is going.

Pick up your copy from Amazon here or Barnes and Noble here. Tweet Paul and let him know what you think!



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June Things

Hello, happy almost July!

June was busy, fun and a change. I spent my first full month in my new apartment, attempted to eat mostly paleo and failed and took a few roadtrips to celebrate friends and family. Because this is my blog I obviously think any thoughts I have I need to share with you. Here are a few things I thought in June.

  • Summer means sprinkle ice cream cones every day. The first half of June I thought of sprinkles very often because we celebrated national donut day at work with Hypnotic Donuts, where naturally I had a  ‘homer’ (strawberry glaze, 1,000 sprinkles) and therefore craved sprinkles the remainder of the month. My only satisfaction came with this beauty.


  • Someone leads you to believe, as a teenager, your acne will go away as you age. This is entirely false, 100 percent untrue. I have the worst face and I’m mid-20’s. True story I get carded at rated-R movies
  • The same person who lies to you about your teenage acne is the same person who lies to you about your teenage friends and how it’s a phase for people to hurt your feelings. Sometimes, no one grows up and you still do not get invited to Ashley’s slumber party when everyone else does and you are all twenty five so it shouldn’t matter but it does.
  • I discovered I pay (paid) nearly $140 a month for cable and internet. And then I thought, WAIT I AM POOR. So I remedied the situation by switching to AT&T, where surely my bill will always be incorrect and my costs will hike tremendously next June when my contract ends. Take that, cable bill.
  • On the same note, I lived in my apartment four weeks before watching Netflix which is a sentence meant to tell you I was incredibly busy in June and worked a lot.
  • Speaking of work, there have been a number of days in June where I feel schooled when I get home. I reflect on the day and realized I learned at least 347 new things, from different people. Sometimes I am in awe of the brain power surrounding me at this job. Then my brain turns to mush as I cook a quasi-paleo meal and perhaps drink wine. It’s all about balance.
  • There are many days where many things need to happen and there are some days you do not put on shoes and you spend time laying on the grass staring at clouds. Make sure you do both of those days regularly.
  • My schedule was pretty packed in June and remains this way through September. One weekend I drove out to the lakehouse to meet my family and it rained – and I took three naps in one day and did not wear pants (I mean, I had on a bathing suit) and ate a lot of queso. My dog barked at 1,000 duckies. My soul felt better. I thought how important margin is in your life in order for your soul to breathe.

Jackson Lake

  • I cannot stop scrolling through Rich Kids of Instagram. I want to interview these children and make a mashup of ridiculous thoughts they have in their tiny expensive brains.
  • Since I’m currently in my 20’s, it is fun for me to read about others in their twenties. Mostly when they mess up and find a way to figure out the humor in it all….which is why I love Paul and his new book “101 Secrets for Life in Your Twenties.” Even if you’re a bit past your 20’s, Paul was some wit and humor in there anyone could benefit from digesting. Need an example? Here is one of my favorite ‘secrets’: “Obsessive Comparison Disorder is the smallpox of our generation. Nine out of 10 doctors agree this disorder is the leading cause to eating two boxes of Girl Scout cookies while watching The Bachelor.” #guilty.

Liked my June things? Head over to Emily’s link-up and read a lot of lessons learned in June.

As for me, I’m going to Hawaii.

Talk soon,



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