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New Year, New You, New Goals, New EVERYTHING

Just kidding. I’m not an infomercial.

I’ve thought a lot about resolutions these past few days and I’ve realized they’re all a crock. Also, get out of my gym and stop buying all the produce at Sprouts you wanna-be healthy eaters.

Kidding, again. Eat more vegetables and move your butt around, it’s good for you.

So, my outlook for 2014? Uncertain. I’m excited – like the sometimes-its-hard-to-sleep-tomorrow’s-the-first-day-of-school feeling – and quietly unambitious at once. I didn’t put my finger on it until today when I read Jenny Blake’s plan for 2014 in which she quotes Lao Tzu:

Do you have the patience to wait
till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
till the right action arises by itself?

The Master doesn’t seek fulfillment.
Not seeking, not expecting,
she is present, and can welcome all things.

Mind blown. Not seeking, not expecting. Sounds like the ultimate change from my 2013 mindset, activities and goals. I’m in. Don’t get me wrong! There are still actions I’ll take and feelings I’ll seek, including establishing a regular posting schedule for this blog, writing more, exercise, all the usual suspects. But I’m going to cease the striving to there and focus on here. Can I remain unmoving? What a great challenge – to be still, thankful and fine with what is. Sounds good to me.

One new thing this year will be Monday posts. I don’t have a super creative title for this today, but I want to share things I think are interesting with you every week. Here you go:

  • I made this pasta and I loved every moment of every spicy, creamy bite. I added in about two tablespoons of plain greek yogurt for the creamy. Everything Jessica makes eventually also gets made in my kitchen. Go try something on this blog, you will love it.
  • Guess what? Only 46 percent of us will still be working on our New Year’s Resolutions by February. And everyone wants to be skinny.
  • In addition to the supreme cold everywhere (if this is the first time you’ve been told ‘it’s cold’ today, congrats on not reading the news, being on social media or speaking to anyone), today is generally the crabbiest day of the year. Mashable gave us 24 gifs to cheer us up. I love the flirty cat.

What sounds good to you in 2014?




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August Things

Well, hi September. Wasn’t sure we’d make it to you this year, what with a rocky first few months but without hesitation here you come with promises of leaves, pumpkins, Monday Night Football and Halloween candy riding on your coattails. I’ll accept.

While we await Fall, let’s talk about August – the weird not summer in name but summer in heat month. Where you try to stick to goals and plans, but it is so hot and you lay on the couch.  Things happened nonetheless! Here’s what went through my brain and life in August:

1. Self revelation in August: I don’t do well with still. Unfortunately, my life is kind of still currently. I’ll let you know how I work this one out.

2. Quarter-life crises are referred to often in stories and tv, often depicting this #dark time with bottles of wine and cats and tears. Want to know where real quarter-life crises happen? On gchat during the work day. These happen to everyone, male or female, and hit randomly on a Thursday at 11 a.m. where you must type all of the feelings to a friend who can give you advice between answering emails. Just me reporting from the field here.

3. “If you do drive a bug, you have to be pretty easy going because you’re only gonna get to go where the bug wants to go.” -Life advice from Marcel (yes, this is old. don’t care, it makes me giggle)

4. Can we talk about New Girl? Should I admit I hated it when it first aired cause Zooey was just. TOO. MUCH. But apparently around episode 4, everyone figured this out and things got funny and involved and now I’m so sad Netflix only has season 1. Also, I watched it in less than week. Weekend. Semantics. Point is: go watch it. Cringe a little the first few episodes then YOU WILL LOVE IT.  Also, someone give me all of Season 2. Please.

Jess Day

5. Baby sister is in college, now. She moved in a dorm room and went through rush and has new baby friends and goes to lectures and labs. I called my Mom and asked her how she deals with the anxiety of parenting. To which she reminded me I don’t have a kid…..But seriously, I just love this tiny girl and want to teach her all of the things but I can’t so I just listen to all of the things and secretly wish I was in college too. Sis went Kappa at OU this month and I pledged Kappa at OU six years ago. Look at these twins separated by six years:

Bid Day twins

6. Speaking of Kappa, my “big sister” when I was in college ended up being actually like a real big sister and one of my dearest, sweetest friends. This week, she had her first baby! Precious sweet Jack made his entrance into the world on Monday afternoon and I am so thrilled. Also? I haven’t had anyone super close to me give birth before and man, I was anxious. I thought about her every 15 minutes at work the morning she was in labor. I can’t wait to watch tiny Jack grow up with the best parents I could imagine.

7. Pluots. Blueberries. Strawberries. Donut Peaches. Nectarines. I am having a love moment with delightful stone fruits and berries. I can’t stop. I ate 3 pluots in one day.

8. I love to cook and I also love to read recipes/blogs and pretend I can (or will) make all the recipes I have bookmarked across my toolbar in Chrome. The odds of me making these 214 masterpieces are slim, primarily because I try to eat a (MOSTLY) paleo diet, free of things like cake or bread. But on the days I do want to eat glorious foodstuffs no caveman would consume, I go straight to Jessica from How Sweet Eats. So, you know how some people have an imaginary dinner party invite list? I have one of those and I have an imaginary cook-in-the-kitchen-all-day with list. This obviously includes Jessica because she would make a gooey chocolate-y covered in sprinkles dessert, Shauna Neiquest because she would provide hearty bread and chunks of cheese and beautiful insights into God and life and love,  Juli from PaleOMG because we need to keep some sort of balance and she makes heavenly looking meat-based dishes and also Ree Drummond because she makes beautiful pasta salads and would be hilarious and finally, Cindy (Hungry Girl por Vida) because I’m always hungry and the things she makes amaze me. Whew. Is it time to eat?

9. I went through Starbucks Thursday morning and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is already back. What is this sorcery? It’s 102 degrees here today, there is no room in this heat for pumpkin flavors. PS: my dad calls them “Spicy Pumpkins” and it drives my momma bananas. Sis and I find it hilarious.

10.  Kate and I are going to take a best friend trip for New Year’s Eve and our current destination is Nashville. Thoughts? Ideas? Better suggestions? Let me know. Also if you live in Nashville, tell me all of the foods we should stuff ourselves with.

August was good, hot and quick – which sounds like an ad for pizza, not a month in which I lived. September, October and November will be busy in the best ways – between travel, work and a new project on the blog (shh!, more details soon), the last few months of 2013 will likely move quick.

Here’s to going back to “school!”


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